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Google: The Supreme Alphabet Agency

You may have not read my original post about Google’s somewhat silent and out-of-the-blue creation of their new ‘supreme corporation’ ‘Alphabet, but if not, do catch up by reading it here.

I knew there was ‘something’ about their name.  Something strategic.  Something creepy.  Something tongue and cheek.  But it wasn’t until I had a 6am coffee with Joe Adam on Saturday that it came to light.  Joe wasn’t aware of ‘Alphabet’ the corporation.  So as soon as I explained what they were doing, he laughed and said this:

“It’s funny how secret societies and governments always leave a kind of mocking fingerprint – a kind of ‘gotcha!’ when they operate.  Google is not hiding that they are an alphabet agency.”

Well, I didn’t know what an alphabet agency was until he had pointed it out and sure enough he’s right.

Alphabet *is* the supreme alphabet agency, in bed with all forms of government, if not the USA government themselves.


But you’ve been warned to un-google.

Don’t you dare say I didn’t warn you.

Even Alex Jones has warned you for crying out loud!

The solution is Ubuntu.  Change now or severely regret it.

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Driving: A True Depiction


My mom responded with this video but didn’t actually put it in this post so I’ll help her out…

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Our Online Future Encapsulated

A friend of mine sent me this speech (transcribed) today and I was absolutely unable to stop reading it right to the end.  I found out that my browser has ‘reader mode’ which was cool, by the way.

Read this article.  You’ll learn about how you are victimized but it ends with some awesome inspiration.

It encapsulates:

  1. Our current situation of privacy invasion
  2. Some super tangible and practical solutions we can start implementing
  3. The bigger picture of the sharing of wealth (yes, he managed to get this in as well)


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How to Find and Edit Kijiji Ad Posting

So you’ve posted an ad on kijiji and now it’s lost?  I hear you.  It’s not really lost it’s just oddly a bit hard to find when you end up on other pages.

Go to (not .com I found out several times


2. Log in with user/password

3. Go to ‘my kijiji’ button on the right and boom.  There it is.  Your ad.  In there you can go in, click the ad, add pictures, etc.


Hope that helps!