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Oh, Lord Jesus

From the very depths of my inner man sprung forth this to the extend I was compelled to share it… may one or all of you be supplied by some or all of it… attached also is the guitar chord chart so you, too, can cry out to the Lord of mercy and glory in your time of need. Oh…

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Faith and Religion

God’s Slow-then-Quick (STQ) Style

I know.  The title sounds like a Kung Fu special move.  Well, it’s not. First, watch this to get in the mood: I’ve noticed the Lord God, being the God that He is has a certain ‘style’.  It seems somewhat disrespectful to say the Lord has ‘style’ but I can’t think of a better way to explain it.  He does…

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Faith and Religion, Flat Earth

Seeking Truth

In the world there are many lies: some proven, some unproven, some spoken, some unspoken. At one point I started collecting all of them here in my conspiracy catch-all post.  Sorry for the lack of updates, by the way. There are negative terms created for people who have an interest in either exposing lies or seeking truth. Even if these…

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Faith, Faith and Religion, Life Skills

Sinners Sin: Dealing With Disappointment in Myself and Others

“What do you expect? Sinners sin.” – Unnamed Pastor, 2001 Struggling with disappointment in others and in myself seems to be a never-ending theme in my life. Deep in my heart and in my mind has always been the very keen awareness that there does exist somewhere perfection. The concept of perfection is set deep in all of our consciousness.…

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