Amateur Radio, Freedom and Privacy

Should Amateur (Ham) Radio Operators Submit to Distracted Driving Laws?

Should ham radio operators be treated as cell phone users and ticked for using their radios in the car?   ++ SHORT VERSION ++ No. They shouldn’t. =================== ++ EXTENDED VERSION ++ Unlike cell phones, radios are simple devices with big buttons.  While looking at the road,  you grab this big dangling mic thing (think truck driver saying “breaker breaker…

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Humour, Ubuntu

Pronouncing Ubuntu Correctly Matters.

Mr. Joey Sneddon, I don’t know you and I’m sure you are a really nice guy (you seem nice in some youtube videos) and that you mean well and probably think you are helping Ubuntu, however, you published this article called how to pronounce Ubuntu which I think is damaging to the Ubuntu project. I’m not sure if you read…

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Freedom and Privacy, Technology, Ubuntu

Do All Tech Writers Suffer from Fear and Creative Paralysis?

Today I was reading a recent article on Forbes website by a supposed ‘contributor’ named Federico Guerrini.  Forbes, as you may know, is a popular place for people to go to try to get ‘informed’.  His article followed perfectly a kind of template that these ‘tech writers’ for popular media use when discussing Ubuntu. The format, and you may have…

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