Road Map

The Road Map to Life


Where did you come from?

God thought you up before the world began.  He knew everything you would think and do.  He knows every hair on your head (not even you know that).  You came from the very heart of your Creator

Why are you here?

The same God that thought you up also had a purpose for you.  It’s simple: To walk with Him and worship Him.  Our life is totally and completely incomplete without Him.  We will climb mountains and put punishing chemicals in our bloodstream searching for Him.  Yet, He is right here.  He’s just waiting for you to admit you are weak and wrong about pretty much everything.  Then you can knock and the door will certainly be opened and behold!  He will be found.  Seek.

Where are you going?

There are two possible destinations: Heaven or Hell.  Sorry.  It’s really that simple.  Choose.  If you choose heaven, then you need Jesus to get you there because He bridged the gap that your nasty sins created.  And yes, you are a sinner – don’t lie to yourself any more.  Call out.  Jesus has been waiting to save you and he will.