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Google: The Supreme Alphabet Agency

You may have not read my original post about Google’s somewhat silent and out-of-the-blue creation of their new ‘supreme corporation’ ‘Alphabet, but if not, do catch up by reading it here.

I knew there was ‘something’ about their name.  Something strategic.  Something creepy.  Something tongue and cheek.  But it wasn’t until I had a 6am coffee with Joe Adam on Saturday that it came to light.  Joe wasn’t aware of ‘Alphabet’ the corporation.  So as soon as I explained what they were doing, he laughed and said this:

“It’s funny how secret societies and governments always leave a kind of mocking fingerprint – a kind of ‘gotcha!’ when they operate.  Google is not hiding that they are an alphabet agency.”

Well, I didn’t know what an alphabet agency was until he had pointed it out and sure enough he’s right.

Alphabet *is* the supreme alphabet agency, in bed with all forms of government, if not the USA government themselves.


But you’ve been warned to un-google.

Don’t you dare say I didn’t warn you.

Even Alex Jones has warned you for crying out loud!

The solution is Ubuntu.  Change now or severely regret it.

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