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Ubuntu becomes IBM’s Go-To OS for Mainframes

As reported here by Randall Ross it is official that IBM has chosen Ubuntu to run their mainframes.

You might have heard fanatics like me talking about Ubuntu and how great it is but you’ve been too caught up with your current operating system.  The reason why you haven’t changed your OS to ubuntu, by the way, is because of one or more of the following reasons:

  1. You are too lazy to change
  2. You fear change
  3. You find change inconvenient (similar to #1 but a slightly difference nuance) and have accepted a life of mediocrity and wilful slavery
  4. You like to pay more for less
  5. You love gaping security flaws so that outsiders can prance in and violate you in their free time
  6. You simply didn’t have someone educate you that there was a better option out there for free.

I’m assuming that most of you would fit into category #6.  I also used to be in that camp. I used to think ‘What is this ubuntu thing? Why are these guys so amped on it?  Why does it matter to me?”  After some quality time I learned that it does matter, and it does affect me directly in my very personal and intimate life.

Perhaps you were waiting for a day like this when ubuntu was accepted by a ‘major player’ to help you legitimize your decision to deviate from the crowd and make a right decision in your life.

This is not unlike topics like fluoride.  I didn’t know that the toothpaste I was brushing with contained poison and that my girls were using it too. I thought fluoride was *good* for me.  I was dead wrong.  And my whole family’s health was suffering because of it. I also didn’t think that meat was a potential danger until someone showed me how most of the mass produced meat is produced.

Thanks to the power of information being at our fingertips, the time for change is now.  You don’t have to wait.

Find your local ubuntu group.  If you can’t find one, then go to Mars

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Google’s New Daddy Alphabet and Why You Should Care

Whether you are a conspiracy theory buff or not, it’s probably a safe bet to say that you think Google is a big and powerful global company that has the potential to do some ‘serious stuff’ if they wanted.  Well, today marks a new day in history when you might want to amplify your efforts to withdraw from their ever-reaching tentacles with Google’s announcement of its ceremonial install of it’s new parent company, Alphabet.

First, what’s in a name?  The word ‘alphabet’ comes from ‘alpha+beta’.  On  a surface level, you could say it’s the ‘AB’ of the Greek “ABC”.  Alpha means ‘first’.  No matter what, it means ‘beginning’.  But, it also means ‘God’ – as in the God of the Christian Bible.  In the book of Revelation, Jesus Himself says this “I am the Alpha and the Omega, who is, and who was, and who is to come, the Almighty”.  It would have been too obvious for Google to make their parent company “alphaomega”, or perhaps they tried but they didn’t like the way the two vowels ran together in the middle… but I digress.  Point here is that ‘alpha’ has a fairly well established meaning of ‘God of the Christian Bible’ or ‘Jesus Himself’.  But, it doesn’t end there.  What does ‘beta’ mean in our modern world?  Way back it was just equivalent to the “B” in the Greek alphabet but in our world in which Google lives, ‘Beta’ means ‘testing’ or ‘the nearly-finished final product stage’ of a software code release.  See this longer definition.  I can’t help but reading into this new name as ‘The final stages (beta) of establishing our false position as the all-seeing eye of a god in the earth”.

Do take some time to read this fresh news release and let it sink in.  One of the highlights for me was the section of the article under the heading ‘What will it actually mean?” and the response was ‘It is unclear.”  Well, it’s not unclear at all.  A Korean friend of mine found an article where the direct answer from Google as to why they are doing this is ‘to reduce risk’.  They have created a ‘ghost company’ that will be run by the then-current selected leader who will thus control not only the current form of the company and it’s subsidiaries as we know them, but also any future venture that should fall under their interest radar.

And with ‘less risk’.

Which begs the next question: What is said protection for? What risk?

Answer: Risk of something bad happening to them.

Question: What bad thing?

Answer: They would probably say ‘bankruptcies’ but the truth is ‘a lawsuit of a very severe nature’, of course.

Question: But we can still sue the Google corporation if they do evil works, can’t we?

Answer: yes, but the people who are really responsible are now hiding behind the legal shield of ‘Alphabet’.

Question: No further questions.

This announcement is, in my opinion, the news article of the decade and its repercussions will ripple into your life if you don’t take urgent action today to free yourself from their grips.

I thought I had written some articles on this blog about de-googling your life, but apparently I hadn’t.  There are some good articles out there that I followed which helped tremendously.  I’ll do my best to publish stuff on this topic when I have time but take the responsibility yourself to start the job today.

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HAHA While I LOL in Your General Direction

Finally useful information from the Facial Literature company.

The first time I saw ‘lol’ it was from a grown male and I was very sure it was an abbreviation for ‘lots of love’.  It was quite bothersome when he did it a few times during a seemingly normal conversation.  I later found out it means ‘laugh out loud’ or something.

Then I realized that over 94% of the time I wrote LOL that I wasn’t even laughing, let alone ‘out loud’.

I always knew that LOL sucked but here is the data from Vator to back up the feeling.


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Pornography is Worse than Cancer

I know the title of this blog post is pretty strong, but it’s the truth.  As I get older the burning desire inside of me for truth has been further fueled.

At about the age of 11 I had my first exposure to pornography when I found a magazine under a bush near my house.  The very depths of my being knew (without having been taught, please note) that it was wrong and very dark.  Yet I was drawn to it like a moth to a headlight.  Everything in my heart knew it was wrong and I should run but everything in my flesh pulled me back.

My flesh won.

From that point I was a captive and a slave for the rest of my life until just a few years ago when I enrolled in a course called Setting Captives Free.

From that point, I would never look at females the same and I would never be fully free in my mind, heart, conscience or otherwise.

Pornography is a very secretive and dark sin that thrives in the dark like mould on a wall.  The only solution to the problem is light.  Like mould, it continues to grow and worsen in the dark until the problem has reached an epidemic and ultimately sickness and death follows.

“Death?  Oh, Wayne-Out-There, you are too extreme! It’s just porn.  All guys do it a little.  As long as you don’t touch it’s ok.  It’s a release!  It improves sexual creativity, blah blah blah blah blah blah”

No. You know I’m right and you’re in full blown denial, just like I was.  I totally understand you, but you are rejecting the truth and choosing death over life.

Sickness is the first sign of impending death.  Your mind becomes sick.  What made you full yesterday isn’t enough today.  You need more excitement, more extremism, more depravity, more, more, more.  Your flesh will not leave you alone.  You become a lustful person – a person full of lust.  You have to fight your mind and tell it to behave because it no longer obeys any form of normal. It is now sick (and twisted).  What was wrong yesterday is ‘somewhat wrong’ today.  What was unacceptable before, is ‘not the worst thing’.

You have become sick and death is coming soon.

First comes the death of your relationships.  You become angry because you are fully aware of how your adulterous and twisted mind is.  Peace departs from you and rarely returns.  If there was intimacy in your marriage, it quickly fades and disappears because no spouse could compete with the speed of evil streaming through your internet connection.

Once your marriage is dead, you may see the death of your job, dreams, relationships with children and more.

It’s all one big ugly package and it was planted by that one seed of wickedness that was planted in my mind at 11.

But I’m free now, by the grace of God and the work of the volunteers at Setting Captives Free, and I would not trade this new found freedom for all the coffee in Peru.

Today could be the first day on your long road to freedom.

There is hope.  If you can’t trust yourself (I was in this condition), trust *me*.

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Drop the Titles, Father Doctor Reverend Bishop Billy Bob, Sir.

Titles have always bugged me, not just in the church.  They serve only one purpose: to make people think you are ‘all that and a bag of chips’ – to ‘blow wind up one’s own kilt’, if you will.  Their purpose is to simply show credibility when credibility is needed, but when I shake your hand for the first time, I just want to meet you, not your list of titles.

I remember one high school teacher.  I think his last name was “Landymore” or something like that.  On the first day I addressed him as “Mr. Landymore” and he stopped me, and, with a somewhat stern voice and forced smile corrected me and said “It’s “Doctor” Landymore.  I have a PHD.”

Sorry? What’s a PHD?  I’m 17 years old, I don’t want to be in your class.  I don’t want to be in school.  I barely knew if I wanted to be alive and you would like me to be concerned with your title and inconvenience me by changing my already-polite title to ‘Doctor’?

Pride.  That’s all it is.
Landymore thought he deserved more in this cruel world, poor guy.

I wonder if he stuck with that program?

Note: ‘Doctor’ kind of works for the guy who prescribes your patented (and likely harmful) pharmaceuticals, though.  It actually helps communication “I went to the doctors today” or “I met with Doctor Turner today.”

In the church it’s even more messed up.  Catholic leaders call themselves ‘Father’ completely contrary verbatim to the command of Jesus who said don’t call anyone ‘father’ (Matthew 23:8).  ‘Reverend’?  Seriously?  You want to be revered?  How about ‘no’ just for being so arrogant?  ‘Bishop’?  Isn’t that a piece on a chess game?  Last time I checked it could move all the way across the board diagonally.  Or… was it a medieval position of a guy who sits at a round table with the king?  Doesn’t matter. It sounds lame and pretentious and you should at least get the title rebranded to ‘BB’ or ‘Bishter’ or something that at least sounds fun.

“Pastor” kind of works.  If a title has to be used in a church, I’d say go for ‘pastor’.  Cooper Abrams wrote this article on the topic and I think it hits home.  A ‘pastor’ means ‘shepherd’ which is someone who has to deal with stinky, stubborn, and wayward sheep all day long and God knows that’s the Pastor’s role.

Have a nice day.

Author Wayne

Writer Wayne

Flamboyant Rockstarry Penmastor Wayne….

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Speed Reading: Man I wish I took this course in Elementary School

Today I learned how much not learning speed reading cost me in my life.  The concept is simple when you break it down.  Time is money.  Why is time money?  Your life is simply how much time God has given you before you die.  Ta-dah.

So if you want to get more out of your life, wasting less time and being more effective with your time is paramount.

After doing just one 20 minute session from this awesome post I was able to increase my reading speed (with comprehension) from 240 wpm (yes, I wasn’t the fastest kid on the block) to 480 wpm.  The coolest thing about this number is that it’s easy to do the math on which I also suck at.  I can see (even without a calculator, Mom!) that my reading speed *doubled* in less than 20 minutes.

What are the implications here?  Well, this book I have in front of me has about 200 pages of content pages.  Each page has an average of 32 lines per page with an average of 12 words per line.  32 x 12 x 200 = 76,800 words.

I used to read at 240 wpm which would have taken me 76,800 / 240 = 320 minutes or 5.3 hours of straight, hard, punishing reading to get through.

At my new speed of 480 wpm that would be 76,800 / 480 = 160 or 2.7 hours saving me 2.6 hours of my life.

Perhaps this already jumps out as you as important.  For me I jump back to my university days and think to myself how many less hours I could have spent in that stinky old UBC underground dungeon library. The other thing that jumps out at me is how much more information I could  now have in my head.

The former regrets I cannot fix but the latter has inspired hope.

Let’s say one only reads two books per year,  not for fun, just for painful learning.  Why not save 5 hours per year for the next 30 years or add an extra 6 days of ‘free time’ to your life to spend with your family or friends?

This is awesome and I will diligently focus on this until I can do it and teach my kids.

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Your Feet Were Made for Stinking, Not Sitting


I’m baffled that this topic has been so discussed in my circle that I had to write an article to direct people to in the future.  I hope that this article will save you a lot of time and energy should you have to deal with these people as customers in your food establishment or as friends in your living room.

The only tricky part will have to figure out is how to deliver this post to them without offending them.  It’s the same dilemma we face when we need to let our colleague know they have something between their teeth or sewer breath. If you are like me, though, you won’t worry about offending them but will revel in the fact that you have helped them on their journey to becoming a better human.  You have not offended them, you have helped them.  You have added value to their life.

The discussion started between BitBar (Bitter Barista) and a customer.  BitBar pointed to a lady who was sitting cross-legged on one of the chairs in his cafe.  She had removed her shoes completely and was sitting on her bare feet which were in full contact with the chair.  It looked as if she was in her own living room.  Here is approximately how the dialogue went:

BitBar: Look at that.  Isn’t that disgusting?  Would you put your stinky bare feet on someone’s chair like that?

Customer: I wouldn’t do it personally but you have to let it go because that’s what girls in Vancouver do.

BitBar: Are you serious?  You think it’s ok that her stinking bare feet are on my chair?  Would you be alright with that if I did it in your living room?

Customer: Well, I wouldn’t do it but I’d probably accept it.  I mean at least she took her shoes off

BitBar: So the dirt from the road is better on my chair than the fungus-stench from between her toes?

And the dialogue went on like that.

Let me conclude the matter for you all.

Like Public Display of Affection (PDA) (ie. french kissing, fondling, etc) some people (most) don’t want to see it.  It’s simply not for public.  Keep your tongue in your mouth and your hands out of other people’s pants when you’re not in a hotel or the privacy of your own home.

Your feet are no different.  They are gross.  They are both sick and wrong.

Look how angry the disciples got when Jesus asked them to wash His feet –  And those were divine feet.  Last time I looked at my feet, I felt nauseous.  The last sock that was near my nose made me want to hurl.

So keep those beasts on the floor and locked safely in your shoes until you unleash them in your own home or at the beach.

Thanks for your cooperation.

Your friends, family and baristas sincerely appreciate it.