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Life Hack: Using Clips to Improve Your Life

I don’t usually find a lot of videos that have a wide appeal, but this bad-boy is really good.  Except for his use of unsafe technology (apple) in his demo and their nasty proprietary adaptors, this is a very inspiring and useful video. USEFUL VIDEO TO USE CLIPS EVERY DAY I had some challenges replicating his ear-bud trick because my…

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Question the Magic (QTM): Hello Barbie

Thanks to my usual homeboys for forwarding this one.  It’s simply…. MAGIC! HELLO BARBIE which costs a mere… oh…. HUNDRED BUCKS, will also, for that small fee, spy on your children (and you as a bonus) and report its findings to an unidentified source for not-fully-disclosed purposes. The Magic Your kid speaks to Barbie and Barbie comes back with one…

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Who is Bad: Ashley Madison, the Hackers, or the Clients?

Answer: All three. Ashley Madison built their empire on the nasty foundation of encouraging the destruction of marriages, their clients took the bait like Adam and Eve, and the hackers trespassed. But Jesus died for all of them. What matters most in this story is the theme of internet security.  This article covers most of the key points if you…

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