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Pornography is Worse than Cancer

I know the title of this blog post is pretty strong, but it’s the truth.  As I get older the burning desire inside of me for truth has been further fueled.

At about the age of 11 I had my first exposure to pornography when I found a magazine under a bush near my house.  The very depths of my being knew (without having been taught, please note) that it was wrong and very dark.  Yet I was drawn to it like a moth to a headlight.  Everything in my heart knew it was wrong and I should run but everything in my flesh pulled me back.

My flesh won.

From that point I was a captive and a slave for the rest of my life until just a few years ago when I enrolled in a course called Setting Captives Free.

From that point, I would never look at females the same and I would never be fully free in my mind, heart, conscience or otherwise.

Pornography is a very secretive and dark sin that thrives in the dark like mould on a wall.  The only solution to the problem is light.  Like mould, it continues to grow and worsen in the dark until the problem has reached an epidemic and ultimately sickness and death follows.

“Death?  Oh, Wayne-Out-There, you are too extreme! It’s just porn.  All guys do it a little.  As long as you don’t touch it’s ok.  It’s a release!  It improves sexual creativity, blah blah blah blah blah blah”

No. You know I’m right and you’re in full blown denial, just like I was.  I totally understand you, but you are rejecting the truth and choosing death over life.

Sickness is the first sign of impending death.  Your mind becomes sick.  What made you full yesterday isn’t enough today.  You need more excitement, more extremism, more depravity, more, more, more.  Your flesh will not leave you alone.  You become a lustful person – a person full of lust.  You have to fight your mind and tell it to behave because it no longer obeys any form of normal. It is now sick (and twisted).  What was wrong yesterday is ‘somewhat wrong’ today.  What was unacceptable before, is ‘not the worst thing’.

You have become sick and death is coming soon.

First comes the death of your relationships.  You become angry because you are fully aware of how your adulterous and twisted mind is.  Peace departs from you and rarely returns.  If there was intimacy in your marriage, it quickly fades and disappears because no spouse could compete with the speed of evil streaming through your internet connection.

Once your marriage is dead, you may see the death of your job, dreams, relationships with children and more.

It’s all one big ugly package and it was planted by that one seed of wickedness that was planted in my mind at 11.

But I’m free now, by the grace of God and the work of the volunteers at Setting Captives Free, and I would not trade this new found freedom for all the coffee in Peru.

Today could be the first day on your long road to freedom.

There is hope.  If you can’t trust yourself (I was in this condition), trust *me*.

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2 thoughts on “Pornography is Worse than Cancer

  1. The title is very correct. Pornography absolutely is cancer! It has been so difficult for me, but I think the Lord has finally led me to put away this junk for good. I never would have believed it before… I can say personally that I had an addiction to the m word, and I didn’t realize that part of it was depending on it for a coping mechanism to my own fears. That habit had to be broken… but it was the hardest thing ever knowing the root of this terrible addiction… and I never would have believed I could stop. Anyway… seeing the end of your article talking about that one pornography mag you found… I was reminded of Jesus Christ’s words: “It would be better for him if a millstone were hung around his neck and he were thrown into the sea, than that he would cause one of these little ones to stumble.” That was precisely what caused you to stumble as a child… and the person who threw that magazine in the dumpster or behind the bush probably thought very little of this… that the Lord will hold us to account for these things. How such a little thing could cause a child to stumble on into adulthood is absolutely insidious… and should all the more cause us to fear God! Sorry for coming off preachy… but it must be said. I’m very happy that you have witnessed deliverance from this, and hope that other people are blessed by your story as well. Take care.

    1. Amen.
      But it’s important to note that so long as we are living in this flesh, we are subject to falling. We can’t just ‘lay back’ and hope that the battle will stop. It won’t. Since writing this (way back) I’ve had a handful of attacks and falls, but let me assure you that it is nothing in comparison to the bondage in which I lived prior. Now, I truly feel like a saint who sometimes trips, not like a sinner, who sometimes has a good day. Now I feel that I’m part of the Lord’s army versus before when I felt like I was in the enemy’s camp. I have found just calling out to Him is the key. When I do, He rushes in and the battle is won. When I don’t, darkness envelopes… not complicated but we willfully do ‘other things’…

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