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Ubuntu becomes IBM’s Go-To OS for Mainframes

As reported here by Randall Ross it is official that IBM has chosen Ubuntu to run their mainframes.

You might have heard fanatics like me talking about Ubuntu and how great it is but you’ve been too caught up with your current operating system.  The reason why you haven’t changed your OS to ubuntu, by the way, is because of one or more of the following reasons:

  1. You are too lazy to change
  2. You fear change
  3. You find change inconvenient (similar to #1 but a slightly difference nuance) and have accepted a life of mediocrity and wilful slavery
  4. You like to pay more for less
  5. You love gaping security flaws so that outsiders can prance in and violate you in their free time
  6. You simply didn’t have someone educate you that there was a better option out there for free.

I’m assuming that most of you would fit into category #6.  I also used to be in that camp. I used to think ‘What is this ubuntu thing? Why are these guys so amped on it?  Why does it matter to me?”  After some quality time I learned that it does matter, and it does affect me directly in my very personal and intimate life.

Perhaps you were waiting for a day like this when ubuntu was accepted by a ‘major player’ to help you legitimize your decision to deviate from the crowd and make a right decision in your life.

This is not unlike topics like fluoride.  I didn’t know that the toothpaste I was brushing with contained poison and that my girls were using it too. I thought fluoride was *good* for me.  I was dead wrong.  And my whole family’s health was suffering because of it. I also didn’t think that meat was a potential danger until someone showed me how most of the mass produced meat is produced.

Thanks to the power of information being at our fingertips, the time for change is now.  You don’t have to wait.

Find your local ubuntu group.  If you can’t find one, then go to Mars

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