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Finally. Someone Else Who Hates the K-Cup (Video)

I don’t usually blog videos but dang.  This one is just world class.  Enjoy this, but think about the following, too: it’s the most profitable coffee business on the planet besides Starbucks instant coffee Via You are pumping hot liquid through cheap plastic.  Would you brew coffee through your water bottle? I LOL in your general direction Would you store…

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The Ubuntu AudioCast – Where Did It Go???

What a shame. Chucky, Bucky and Philbare seem to have taken an long hiatus from pumping out the latest about Ubuntu. These guys were different because they weren’t just talking tech.  They were talking life. Ubuntu is not just technology.  It relates to a whole bunch more stuff that’s very critical for our future.  Randall Ross did a great short…

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Today I had a very unique problem related to the English language. Even today it bothers me and so I’m reaching out to the world webs to see if anyone can help me. So I’m using this contact management system for my sales job.  During the course of my job (and if you are in sales or many other businesses…

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Why the Past Stays in the Past

Once in a while… just once in a while, I get a forwarded email that I read all the way through.  98% of the time this happens it’s because it’s funny.  The other 2% are probably educational to some level. This one was so emotion-stirring that I felt I needed to actually give it an online shout-out.  Since no one…

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The Meaning of the Name Wayne

I have been packing this cheesy little postcard thing around with me my whole life because it has always astounded me at how well it describes me.  If it weren’t for this 1970’s dollar store cheap print, I would have probably legally changed my name back to “Daniel” – a name my parents were apparently about to give me before…

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