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Today I had a very unique problem related to the English language. Even today it bothers me and so I’m reaching out to the world webs to see if anyone can help me.

So I’m using this contact management system for my sales job.  During the course of my job (and if you are in sales or many other businesses you are doing the same thing) I have to follow things up. I have to set little alarms and reminders to make sure I’m doing stuff and that money doesn’t fall off the table because of negligence.

One of the very specific tasks I have to do very regularly is ‘Follow Up Quote’.  I need to write a quote and then follow up the quote to see if a decision is going to happen or if I need to adjust the quote to make it fit the customer better.

The problem is this: I have to write ‘follow up quote’ so much in these reminders that I need to abbreviate it.  But every time I tried, it sounds like I’m using profanity.

  • F.U.Q.  <– say that loud in front of your mother and see what happens!
  • F-UP quote <– I don’t want to F it UP before I finish! (another slap from mom)
  • F.U. quote <– Come here, quote. Now… FU Quote!  (SLAP from mom)

I quit.

Someone help.


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