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The Truth About Purebred Dogs – And Humans

Awesome.  I love this video for so many reasons.  The irony is that the guy who sent it to me has two ‘purebred’ dogs.

I’ve been thinking about this topic a while as it pertains to humans.  This gets pretty controversial pretty fast, but it just made me think about a comment someone I know said.  Here is my best recollection of the situation and quote:

“Do you see that ugly Asian girl?  Do you see that ugly fat white guy with her?  Take a good look at that married couple.  Now, take a look at their kids.  They’re beautiful!  See??? Two wrongs *DO* make a right!”

I am unable to comment as to whether or not I fell on the ground belly-laughing or not at this heartless and insulting comment, but I can certainly comment that I’ve noted the trend he’s talking about.  In our case, my Korean wife is pretty, but I’m relatively white – and ugly – and hairy, too.  And sometimes I even stink.  Yet both of our daughters turned out beautiful.  Hmm…

It also made me think back on the infamous Hitler who was attempting to create a ‘purebred’ race and how his plan was further failed from the get-go.

All this important philosophy from a well produced You Tube video on dogs!

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