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Why Yelp is No So Good

Yes, I did intend to write ‘no so good’.  I have an accent so lay off, cut me some slack and throw a dog a bone.

I have meaning to post this for a long time and failed but recently there was some article about how Yelp was found to be scammy in the way it deals with reviews, so it motivated me to blog something.

Yes, they are scammy to the core.  The summary of why it’s not good is as follows:

  1. If you review negatively, and you aren’t ‘special’ to Yelp, it will get filtered
  2. If you review positively, and you aren’t ‘special’ it will get filtered
  3. It keeps records forever.  What business has the same employees forever?
  4. The business can’t really do anything to respond but if I recall there was some way if you pay money (need to check this one again)
  5. There are professional Yelpers out there who take money to review positively.  They are considered ‘special’ by Yelp because they review so much.

In short, it must be the most undiplomatic ‘review’ website I’ve seen and it should go the way of the dinosaurs faster than it appeared.

Thankfully it seems to be finally happening.

End Yelp rant.

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