Chewy Junior: When You’re This Yummy, They Call You “Junior”


“Chewy Junior” – There’s just something awesome in the name.  I’m not sure if it sounds ‘saucy’ or ‘childish’, but no matter what, whenever I tell my friends I’m going to Chewy Junior,  by far Canada’s most exciting franchised food and beverage business to open in recent history, they look at me funny.

But that all ends when I flip them a Chewy.  They clam up when I get all Junior on them.

Well, maybe linguistics and Asian culture don’t amuse you like they do me.  Maybe you just want to go out and have something that’s sweet, high quality, and actually gets you excited?

Then Chewy Junior is for you.

Not only are they the most delicious looking cream puff balls I’ve ever laid my eyes on, but they taste even better than they look.  This is rarely the case.  I was so sick and tired of having to both eat and take for others to eat Tim Horton’s trash. Not only did I feel bad about giving them something that tasted like last week’s stale bread deep fried with sugar on top, but I just felt kind of guilty in general about the health aspect. I feel as if I’m reaching deep into their heart and jamming a wad of sugar lard in their heart tubes (I think they have a better name than that…).

Then along walks Chewy Junior into my life.

They look awesome.

They taste amazing.

They cost well under $3.00 each and they taste like $5.00 + (and I’m cheap).

I had the privilege  of meeting Ashvin Abraham while he was doing his soft launch on Cordova and Richards and he said he will be willing to be interviewed on video for me without any scripts.  So look out for that soon.

So, go ahead, get on the Skytrain and get off on the last stop, walk across the road, hand over your money and get ready to make a lot of friends and influence people.

I guarantee if you brought these to your next business presentation you would have a 78% better closing ratio, by the way.

These aren’t good.  These are Chewy.



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