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Drop the Titles, Father Doctor Reverend Bishop Billy Bob, Sir.

Titles have always bugged me, not just in the church.  They serve only one purpose: to make people think you are ‘all that and a bag of chips’ – to ‘blow wind up one’s own kilt’, if you will.  Their purpose is to simply show credibility when credibility is needed, but when I shake your hand for the first time, I just want to meet you, not your list of titles.

I remember one high school teacher.  I think his last name was “Landymore” or something like that.  On the first day I addressed him as “Mr. Landymore” and he stopped me, and, with a somewhat stern voice and forced smile corrected me and said “It’s “Doctor” Landymore.  I have a PHD.”

Sorry? What’s a PHD?  I’m 17 years old, I don’t want to be in your class.  I don’t want to be in school.  I barely knew if I wanted to be alive and you would like me to be concerned with your title and inconvenience me by changing my already-polite title to ‘Doctor’?

Pride.  That’s all it is.
Landymore thought he deserved more in this cruel world, poor guy.

I wonder if he stuck with that program?

Note: ‘Doctor’ kind of works for the guy who prescribes your patented (and likely harmful) pharmaceuticals, though.  It actually helps communication “I went to the doctors today” or “I met with Doctor Turner today.”

In the church it’s even more messed up.  Catholic leaders call themselves ‘Father’ completely contrary verbatim to the command of Jesus who said don’t call anyone ‘father’ (Matthew 23:8).  ‘Reverend’?  Seriously?  You want to be revered?  How about ‘no’ just for being so arrogant?  ‘Bishop’?  Isn’t that a piece on a chess game?  Last time I checked it could move all the way across the board diagonally.  Or… was it a medieval position of a guy who sits at a round table with the king?  Doesn’t matter. It sounds lame and pretentious and you should at least get the title rebranded to ‘BB’ or ‘Bishter’ or something that at least sounds fun.

“Pastor” kind of works.  If a title has to be used in a church, I’d say go for ‘pastor’.  Cooper Abrams wrote this article on the topic and I think it hits home.  A ‘pastor’ means ‘shepherd’ which is someone who has to deal with stinky, stubborn, and wayward sheep all day long and God knows that’s the Pastor’s role.

Have a nice day.

Author Wayne

Writer Wayne

Flamboyant Rockstarry Penmastor Wayne….

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The “Yoga Gate Scandal” Starring Premier Christy Clark

I’m admittedly not involved with politics as much as I should be.  I’m involved in a few things but it’s not occupying much of my time.  It’s quite rare that something happens in politics that makes me upset, but it’s even less often that something downright embarasses me about living in the region.

Christy Clark, in one fell swoop you have:

a) made me lose my entire support for BC Liberals

b) made me lose 90% of any respect I had for you as a Premier (I’m a reasonable man and left you 10%)

c) made me totally embarassed to even live in Vancouver

Word on the street (and I didn’t verify this number with even a search engine search) was that it was going to cost $150,000.00 of taxpayer money, too.

For the first time *ever* I considered moving to Toronto – and I’m not even joking.  Or with my wife back to her native country in Asia.

Where else in the *world* would this kind of sick wastage occur without authorization?

Where else in the *world* would countless thousands of bridge users be inconvenienced, forced in extra traffic, and asked to use a different bridge to go home later to their families while a few people stretch and sweat on a bridge?  Have you heard of the Vancouver Art Gallery?  The pot smokers find it quite acceptable, you know.  Are you more enlightened than Marc Emery?

Seriously, you should quit.  And I mean that.  It’s time.

If you are given any more time, you are surely going to go down in infamy.  At least now, your kids will be able to laugh this off (do you have kids?) and it will be a family har-har over Christmas dinner for the next 20 years.  But what’s next?  Are you going to close down YVR for a Falun Gong meditation?  How about parking a big air mattress in front of the BC Ferry terminals and do some Tai Chi stretches on them?  You would inconvenience fewer people there than shutting down the Burrard Street bridge, I’m guessing.

Seriously, quit.

I’ve quit before.  One time I was a waiter and I kept dropping plates and making personal jokes about the patrons that they didn’t find funny.  I knew it wasn’t for me. I quit.  I moved on.

Don’t ruin what’s left of the BC Liberals.  There aren’t a lot of other options to choose!

If you don’t, I’m seriously going to run for Premier.  Not because I want to, but because I *have* to for our future’s sake.

End Rant.

…Oh! Wait! One more.  Your Twitter comments on the subject reminded me of a few high school girls I know.  Maybe don’t tweet, either.  Or have someone Tweet for you.  You must be able to use taxpayer money to hire someone to do that…


Business Technology

Why Yelp is No So Good

Yes, I did intend to write ‘no so good’.  I have an accent so lay off, cut me some slack and throw a dog a bone.

I have meaning to post this for a long time and failed but recently there was some article about how Yelp was found to be scammy in the way it deals with reviews, so it motivated me to blog something.

Yes, they are scammy to the core.  The summary of why it’s not good is as follows:

  1. If you review negatively, and you aren’t ‘special’ to Yelp, it will get filtered
  2. If you review positively, and you aren’t ‘special’ it will get filtered
  3. It keeps records forever.  What business has the same employees forever?
  4. The business can’t really do anything to respond but if I recall there was some way if you pay money (need to check this one again)
  5. There are professional Yelpers out there who take money to review positively.  They are considered ‘special’ by Yelp because they review so much.

In short, it must be the most undiplomatic ‘review’ website I’ve seen and it should go the way of the dinosaurs faster than it appeared.

Thankfully it seems to be finally happening.

End Yelp rant.

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If You Want Dedicated Bike lanes, Then Ticket the Snot Out of Bad Bikers

I like bikes.  They look healthy and clean and I remember enjoying them when I was a kid.  I’ve also heard they are good for adults.  I’ve even considered riding one again, but I don’t have either money or time thanks to a devastating investment I made five years ago… but I digress.

I’ve been meaning to write this rant post ever since buddy boy decided to approve the questionable bike lanes downtown Vancouver.  Thankfully, my downtown coffee shop wasn’t in the line of their devastation because life is hard enough as a small business owner.  But if it was, I’d be be an even more unhappy camper.

First of all, let it be known to all of you who have driver’s license that a bicycle, has all the rights of a car when they use a car lane on any road.  Surprised?  That’s because you missed a class in your driver’s ed course.  Go back and review it.  They always have had the rights and they still do.  That means that if you approach a bike while you are driving you have to clear the *entire lane* when you pass.  If they are left-turning, you have to wait, just as if they were a car.  You have to respect them whether you like it or not.  It’s the law.

So, my question from the beginning of this ‘bike lane’ fiasco was this:

If bikes have the same rights as automobiles, then why in the world are we spending money on dedicated infrastructure for them?

From this standpoint, you can imagine how frustrated I was when I saw the hurt and inconvenience these lanes caused and are still causing, especially when [get ready for it] *they are riding on the sidewalks and any ol’ place they want!*

So, after all that hard work and pain, I’m still dodging bicycles on the sidewalk and avoiding them in all the non-bike-lane roads when I’m driving my car (rare).

And so there you have it.  My rant is finished.  We erred greatly by not focusing our time, energy and money on educating and punishing bad automobile drivers.