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My Divorce Phone Call with FIDO (Freaking Incompetent Deception Organization)

Fido is not only incompetent, but they are violators of Canada’s Competition Act.  Here is the recording of the filing of my divorce with Fido. Good thing they have the ‘this call may be recorded for coaching and development purposes’ message, eh? >>>Click here for recording of call with Fido<<< Here are the bullet points of the most horrendous display…

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Special Cafe People – Part 1

Well, at long last it is time to feature the customers that truly make you wonder whether their parents were asleep at the wheel, or, sadly, whether you yourself are off your rockers.  Some of these are your regular customers and you are afraid to ask them directly or the topic is awkward.  Others are one-off wack-nuts that come in…

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