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My Divorce Phone Call with FIDO (Freaking Incompetent Deception Organization)

Fido is not only incompetent, but they are violators of Canada’s Competition Act. 

Here is the recording of the filing of my divorce with Fido.

Good thing they have the ‘this call may be recorded for coaching and development purposes’ message, eh?

>>>Click here for recording of call with Fido<<<

Here are the bullet points of the most horrendous display of corporate incompetence in my telecom history:

  • started service (this part was very good! I even complimented the customer service rep’s manager)
  • failure to promise to be able to successfully unlock our phone
  • was going to cancel and stick with incumbent (Mobilicity)
  • Was convinced by in store rep and corporate rep that I could get a free samsung S4 and sign up on a 24 month tab on a great ‘black friday’ deal.
  • we agreed to their suggestion and signed up for their advertised black friday program
  • i was told the phone would take 7-10 days to arrive
  • it never came on the 10th day
  • I called to ask where it is.  Fido didn’t know.
  • Fido said they had to ‘open a case’ to find out where the phone is.  This would take up to 4 days more
  • meanwhile my wife is using my old phone and was very unhappy.  This is not what I promised her.
  • after four days I get a call on my voice mail that ‘there is no phone ordered’.  No phone ordered?  Sorry?  This is a joke right? No.
  • So I decide to cancel and move to Virgin mobile who was going to offer the same program.  However, I foolishly decided to give them one more chance.
  • I called a guy named James who said that he was an experienced rep.  A manager of sorts. I thought that Fido had finally got my case where it needed to go.  He said he found a way to get into their system and override some kind of system that prevented me from getting the phone I agreed to.  He said the phone was on the way. He said that I would get a tracking number by Friday.
  • The tracking number never came.
  • They told me to wait until Monday for the tracking number.
  • Monday the tracking number never came.
  • On Monday I called and a girl told me that today I could end this all by simply going to any store of my choice and picking up the phone.  She initiated a ‘process’ and provided me a reference number.
  • Excited, I agreed to the plan, jumped in my car, burned a lot of gas, went to a store, waited in a line up for 30 minutes (yes, 30).  The rep then told me after calling Fido that he could not release the phone to me.  That it couldn’t be done through him.  That it had to be done through ‘customer service’.
  • I then called customer service to speak to someone about why my life was insane and painful because of Fido.  I asked them to make it so that their promise was fulfilled and that the store would release the phone.
  • I was told ‘there is nothing I can do. “
  • I was then given two ‘options’ they called it.  Option #1 was to lose my wife’s phone number.  Sorry?  That’s an option? FAKE LOL!!!  The second option was to wait until January.  Sorry?  What?  That was your second ‘option’???  Excuse me while I rip the eyeballs out of my head!
  • Then I explained that the relationship between Wayne and Fido was over.  Done.  Divorce was filed.
  • I walked 30 steps towards Target (no I didn’t even know they sold mobiles but a lotto booth guy told me), walked in, asked if he had a plan on good network that would match or beat this Black Friday Hell Deal from Fido, and he said yes.  I signed up under Virgin.  Not only did I walk away with the phone but he was also super helpful and gave me some benefits.  And the plan turned out to have a few extra minutes of talk time and a few extra MB of data.
  • I then sped home to record this phone call with Jessica, while I filed my divorce with Fido.

I am now planning to take them to task on the Competition Act in Part VII.1 74.01 1a) for ‘making a representation to the public that is false and misleading in a material respect’.  They falsely advertised that I would get a phone with a plan and the phone was denied me.  This is wrong.  I will fight.

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