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Flat Earth: Can We Trust Maps and Directions?

I was reading my Bible today when I encountered scripture that used the word ‘north’.  In the past, as soon as I would hear this word, the following two images would pop in my head:



My mind would automatically do this:


But today, I started thinking about computer programming. If you code something in a computer to spit out a certain result, it doesn’t necessarily mean the result you see is true.  You could create a computer script that does this:

  1. Display question on screen: “2+2 = ?”
  2. If the person types “4”, then display on screen: “Sorry. You are incorrect. The correct answer is 3.”
  3. If the person types “3” then display on screen: “Correct! You got it right, champ!”

And so at the end of the day, if we are using a system created by man, we must, to a certain extent, trust the man and the system, which is, as we all know, problematic.

And so I starting thinking.  What if the face of the compass was shifted under the glass?  The physical needle still moves but the man who makes the compass simply shifts where the “N” is.  Suddenly, if we trust the compass, the world could look like this:


And that is just the 2D map.

What about the supposed pictures taken by NASA of our earth from space?  This next composite images are famous and shows that the continents and their proportions never look the same twice:


Then, I went back to my Bible and started to look up the four cardinal directions to discover the following, and please click the links to see the Hebrew roots:

North: ‘tsaphown‘ meaning both ‘north’ and ‘hidden, dark, obscure region’ or even ‘northward’

East (1): ‘qidmah‘ meaning both ‘east’ and ‘the forward/front part’

East (2): ‘qedem‘ meaning both ‘east’ and ‘antiquity’

South: ‘negeb‘ meaning both ‘south’ and ‘dry and parched’ and ‘the southern area of Judah called ‘Nekeb’

West: ‘yam’ meaning ‘west’ and a whole list of seas (named) and ‘sea’ in general and – go figure – ‘mighty river (Nile)’ as well.

Hopefully by now from the list above you can make the connect between these cardinal definitions and my point about the compass.  If not, here are some probing questions:

  • Who made ‘north’ north?
  • Should the word ‘north’ have been translated as ‘cardinal hard direction north’ or ‘dark hidden region’?
  • Is ‘north’ the same for everyone on the earth?
  • Upon which map was ‘north’ plotted?
  • Is this map correct?

Let’s start with the map to make sure you caught up to speed.

Is the current map we use even the correct map?  Here is an enjoyable intro video to the topic to make sure you have not assumed ‘yes’ to be the answer:

Here is a fairly exhaustive link to a whole bunch of maps that are all, according to the author, incorrect:


But there is another map missing from this article and most other discussions and that is the Gleason’s map which is arguably not only more accurate but very intriguing in the fact that it perfectly matches our 24 our clock face – as do the time zones.  Take a few minutes with this flat earth-minded person who discusses the map and does some comparing and contrasting to our currently taught map:

Now let’s circle back (pardon cheap pun) to the compass.

If the very maps we use have clear problems including lies, opinions, political and social agendas, and more, and it is upon these maps which the coordinates of where we are and where we are going are plotted, then one really needs to ask oneself:


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7 thoughts on “Flat Earth: Can We Trust Maps and Directions?

  1. if the earth is a ball that would mean at the equator of earth if you faced east or west you could travel in a straight line all the way around the world and stay facing east or west the entire time. In the northern hemisphere you would drift south similar to a flat earth model. But if the Southern Hemisphere is upside down! Thy would force pilots to travel NORTH EAST when following a line of latitude in Southern Hemisphere. That means pilots need to turn to the RIGHT to stay facing east / 90 degrees away from the North when following a line of latitude in the Southern Hemisphere. You don’t need to follow a line of latitude all you need to do is face east then go on auto pilot for 5 hours

  2. Hey, Wayne. I just heard your email read on Mark Sargent’s show and wanted to try to get in contact with you for Biblical/Flat Earth fellowship sometime. I’m also in the Lower Mainland area and would like for you to get back to me.


  3. You raise some interesting points. I’ve thought to myself, it would be quite simple to prove the earth was flat if someone wanted to but for some reason flat earth bloggers never seem to want to do this. Have you thought of videoing some tests that could prove the earth was in fact flat such as filming two objects of different density falling at the same time (under flat earth scenario more mass means quicker acceleration toward earth) or putting a camera up in a weather balloon?

    That would be really interested to see and would get the worlds attention.

    1. Some of this stuff is on youtube/elsewhere but I should mention that we are actively looking at ‘cleaning up’ some of the presentations out there and pull this stuff together. I’ve been busy lately but I’ll try to blog once things seem to be setting up. Until then we’ll just keep plugging away. Thanks for your interest and be sure to post any findings in any comments here if you find them!

  4. Hi,

    I am 100% trust flat earth theory. I want to share my idea about the pointing direction of the compass needle. Is it possible the centre of the flat earth is not the central of Arctic Ocean, but Jerusalem old city? Try to image to shift the world a little bit until Jerusalem place at the central point instead of Arctic Ocean. The needle of the compass always point to the Jerusalem city. It seem to be more significant in the point of view of God.

    1. Really interesting idea! I’ll look at this and share it with some people. It’s always worth considering anything – especially ideas where biblical truth is honoured.

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