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Covid19- Did We Respond Correctly?

I saw this email today and I felt like it was worth a share for consideration. I have my own thoughts on the matter and it would be interested to see other thoughts on it. I feel a deep dive on this topic of ‘problem versus reaction’ is well worth it…

Somehow your response prompted me to dig into this topic deeper again as much as I don’t have the time to do this, haha.

If one looks at the numbers, and thinks critically about it in terms of problem versus response, it is more than suspicious to me.  This is how I look at the situation:

* Are their deaths being correctly labeled? Are people dying ‘of covid’ or ‘with covid’?  There were countless stories of doctors labeling the cause of death as ‘of covid’ instead of what should have been ‘with covid’. 

* If the patient had contracted another virus with a different name, would they have suffered / died? Or was it only covid that had the power to kill them?

* Are the counts correct?  Who is making the counts? Can we vet these somehow?

With all those questions answered, and assuming that 100% of the numbers are 100% accurate and no ‘weird stuff’ happened to the raw data, we have this (I’ll use Ontario):

* Total population of 14M

* Entire covid reporting period shows total infections reported: 260,000

* Total deaths ‘with covid’: 6000

First interesting thing to me is looking at the actual infection rate.  Based on the media you would think that pretty much everyone has it.  But I noticed that after a year I only had 2 people I knew who had it and one was removed, not my direct contact.  This number has not changed since lockdowns or mask-a-rama – likely the authorities will claim this is why the number didn’t change -hard for a layman to argue. 

Anyway, I decided to do this math:

260,000/14,000,000 = 1.9%

So assuming that the covid data presented is truthful and accurate, less than 2% of the entire population has contracted the virus in an entire calendar year.

Next math, deaths from infections:

6000/260,000 = 2.3%

So, let’s assuming you’re one of the unlucky ones who got coughed on by the “anti-masker” (note the sinister terms applied to anyone who questions behaviour), you would have a 2.3% chance of dying from that cough / infection.

The next thought that came to me was this: “I wonder how this compares with other things in our world and what the response was to those?”

Of course a common example is the flu.  This has been a ‘topic’ that sometimes hits the media but has mysteriously remained quite quiet.

Read this article about drug overdoses and keep in mind that this is only *half* as bad as BC which went up by 89%:

14000 deaths in 4 years averages to 3500 / year, but this is now up 40%.

14,000 x 1.40 (adding 40%) = 19600 / 4 = 4900 deaths average per year if we continue on this trajectory and don’t get worse

Is drug use contagious? Yes indeed. 

Has the government considered shutting down the entire economy to deal with the overdose issue?  You would be laughed out of the room for suggesting it.

It is indeed tricky because we don’t have collectively the right platform to analyse any of this so we’re left to ‘hear about it’ and sometimes too late.

The devastation caused to small business owners out our way is by far “worse” than the virus in terms of negative impact on life.  I would not be surprised that the suicide rates, if the lockdowns continue, would make the virus look like child’s play.  I hope I’m wrong, but I frankly don’t know how an unbeliever would weather this without the full knowledge that God is with them and in them.  It would be most troubling. 

One thing I can say, before the stats even come in for the 2020 / 2021 suicide rates, is that it was already at 5.0% thereabouts on the low side based on what I pulled from this report:

No lockdowns to stop that… not much media attention on that either. I can list at least 4 people in my direct circle who have terminated their lives and I’m under 50 years old… Meanwhile, if you read the statistics and calculations I did above, you’ll see that you have a 2% chance of getting the virus and if you do get it, there is a 2% chance of dying….

My only questions remains:

Did we respond correctly and appropriately?

I would welcome any feedback too, on the data / statistic parts because I feel that I’m being quite conservative here too with the numbers.  If I’m not thinking about this correctly, I would like to be shown this.

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3 thoughts on “Covid19- Did We Respond Correctly?

  1. Just discovered your very helpful material out here on Echolink with qtel, using my Brother printer with an empty color cartridge, etc. Thanks for everything. The Bible Society link doesn’t seem to be working.

  2. The response from the whole covid thing was incredibly tyrannical and absolutely ridiculous, when looking at it from the perspective of the government being there to help…

    If looked at under a different lense though… It was absolutely as intended.

    First off, a breakdown of the word government.

    Govern – To limit
    Ment – Mind.

    So the etymology of the word government is literally, to limit the mind.

    This, with the incredibly flawed notion that viruses/germs are responsible for disease is the basis of this whole thing. This may seem very out there for anyone new to the subject, but I’ll leave you with the first part of a three part series I did on germ theory.

    If you don’t feel like reading it, I highly suggest getting yourself a copy of “What really makes you Ill: Why everything you thought you knew about disease is wrong” or downloading a copy of the pdf listed in the first part of my article, Béchamp or Pasture.

    This should be enough to spark a further conversation at the least, at the most it should make everyone incredibly angry that this lie was perpetuated in order to lay down the tyrannical hammer so to speak.

    Btw, found your site via your bmaptool post when trying to figure out how to flash Ubuntu touch to my Pinephone.

    Thanks for that!

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