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Who is Bad: Ashley Madison, the Hackers, or the Clients?

Answer: All three.

Ashley Madison built their empire on the nasty foundation of encouraging the destruction of marriages, their clients took the bait like Adam and Eve, and the hackers trespassed.

But Jesus died for all of them.

What matters most in this story is the theme of internet security.  This article covers most of the key points if you need to brush up, like I did, on what this topic is even about.

Now that we’ve seen pretty much the epidemy of potential personal damages that could result from a digital breach, it’s important to take a very high level look at how we handle our information.  It’s tempting to get very lazy and not consider these things but you must or you, too, will be breached (hopefully not at a website like this, though).

What we all need is a personal audit.  A trusted person to come in and ‘hack at our digital life’ for three hours and give us a report to show us just how naked we are.  I am guessing that 98% of us will be labelled as ‘dancing naked in front of apartment window at night’ under the vulnerability section of the audit.  Some of those questions might be:

  • do you use gmail?
  • do you use Facebook?
  • how about hotmail?
  • do you let your kids use a computer or smartphone alone?
  • do you have apps on your phone?
  • do you have location services turned on your phone?
  • do you have anyone in your life who knows about this crap?
  • do you put incriminating information into SMS text messages?
  • do you have security cameras at your house?
  • do you use windows?
  • do you use apple?
  • and more

And with your semi-annual audit you can reduce your potential breaches significantly.

As a starting point, get to know members of your local ubuntu community.

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