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How to Change “My Location” in Kijiji

“My location” setting wrong on Kijiji?  Trying to post in an area but you can’t find how to change to that area?  The solution is so hard, yet so easy at the same time! 🙁

1. Confirm you’re logged into the correct account (lol?) and your ‘my location’ is wrong.


2. Click the big fat Kijiji icon top left


3. click the ‘my location’ drop down and choose your sub-location as detailed as possible for post


4. You will note your location updated


5. Click ‘post a classified ad’ and finish off your post as usual and Bob will quickly become your uncle.


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11 thoughts on “How to Change “My Location” in Kijiji

  1. i want to search in usa and also all around the world but i cannot go through because my location is only canada any help about this?

    1. I think I just discovered that Kijiji is just Canada, ha. If you find out otherwise, let me know by posting here but that might solve our problem!

  2. I cannot change my location – the search line just shows Browse and nothing else e.g. location. My active ad is gone and I can’t post pictures. Also very frustrating when I log into the website the first screen is something to do with financial and I have to log in again – twice every time. Hope you can help.

  3. I am trying to put an add on Kijiji, the location only gives me two choices Belleville or Trenton. I live in Cameron. Which closest city is Lindsay or Peterborough. Please advise

  4. Hey,
    I am not in Canada but I would like to post an Ad about my online editing services on Kijiji without being flagged. Can you help?

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