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McDonalds Food in Your Stomach: Pure Nastiness

If you regularly go to McDonalds, you may change your habit if you watch this video simulating a cheeseburger in stomache acid.  Gross!!

However, it should be stated in fairness to any company that the same results may occur if you put *any* food into straight hydrocloric acid – I don’t know.  Since I haven’t done this test with a high quality, home made burger, I cannot say for sure that this is because McDonald’s is nasty – although I wouldn’t be surprised.  I hope someone has time to run this same test as a follow up using a high quality burger…

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2 thoughts on “McDonalds Food in Your Stomach: Pure Nastiness

  1. But… this is not scientific. Your stomach does not *only* contain HCL, and if it did a cheeseburger would likely be the least of your worries. This is not to imply that I endorse the company in question.

    1. good point. straight Hydrocloric acid would probably create a few challenges. Do you have a jug of stomach acid? I’d sure like to see what happens to it. I’m guessing it would be much slower process and maybe not so dramatic. Also, for the sake of demo and to be fair to Rotten Ronnie’s one should also see what happens to a home-made burger with high quality ingredients when submerged in straight HCL…

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