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Apple: Shiny on the Outside, Rotten in the Centre

It’s not like you don’t know this yet, but some some days I get so saddened watching people buy into a bad deal that I feel inspired to write about it.  I will likely be reprimanded by my wise friends for wasting my time, but I still like to think that some people just act out of ignorance and if I write a few things they might wake up and smell the java.

We’ll see.

A long while back I wrote this short article about my Crapple experience (I just checked the date and this was written way back in 2011!).  I was shocked that I was being held hostage, but then someone pointed out to me that their fans like to be sadistically beaten down by their master because they get some form of ‘fashion’ or ‘status quo’ for it.  But sadly, now when I see someone with a fruit phone I just feel really sorry for them.  I lose several levels of respect for them, and if they are a company, for the leadership.  Any company that would embrace predatory hardware, and worse, force their employees to carry it around in public, is, in my opinion, sick – whether by ignorance or wilful acceptance.  And what’s ironic, they probably dream to be like Crapple in magnitude and scope, yet their very idol is what’s partially holding them back.

It’s a twisted mindset, much like the girl who can’t leave the abusive boyfriend.

So, here is a quick summary list of the top things that they do that make me wonder how they have any customers at all:

  • proprietary chargers (good luck getting your phone charged with a micro-usb cable) and other accessories (that locked down mindset is so 90’s)
  • inability to send files by bluetooth (without hacking)(they paid for the bluetooth feature, FYI)
  • inability to plug the usb cable in and use the phone as a USB storage device and access phone’s files that way
  • inability to do anything at all without their Alkatraz software and hardware
  • horrible battery life
  • creating the device so that you can’t change the battery without a ‘genius’ around (see The Lightbulb Conspiracy if you don’t think this is a planned feature)
  • scamming their loyal customers by under-delivering and overcharging
  • the way they try to stop allowing their fans to use other companies (ie. youtube)
  • the way I feel like a dirty white collar executive thief every time I’m seen in public with one (I just threw that in for fun)


So hopefully you will pursue options that make our world a better place like, for example, the Ubuntu phone.  Just make sure that whatever you buy next is either running this awesome system, or, has the ability to put it on afterwards.

Crapple is not a company that will allow this freedom so you don’t need to bother trying.  Just avoid.

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