Super Fast Summary of Christianity and the Human Condition

I wrote this to a friend and I think it’s a fine synopsis of the spiritual condition and so I wanted to share it with the world wide webs:


While you are waiting for Dr. Wayne's spiritual
advice, please note that the advice is always the same.  

Here it is in point form because you like point form:

+++The Beginning+++
God made the world and all that is in it so for His glory.

+++The Middle+++
-Adam and Eve screwed up and did the only thing God told them not to do.
-God punished Adam and Eve and we are still living under that punishment
-God promised a way out for those who want it.  He promised a Saviour
-Jesus was and is the Saviour and came via miraculous birth (you might hear
the general public singing songs about this event this week kind of
like how you sing the national anthem and don't know what the words are)
-Jesus was all God.  All man. No sin.  Did miracles. Documented in
history books.  All real.  No fake
-The above is all impossible to believe without faith even though they
are also historical events. That's why there are people who read and
have read the Bible and still reject and deny God and the contents of
the Bible.  Some are even highly intelligent.
-God supplies the faith required to believe to those who actually want
it and want Him.  Most don't.  Most like their sin way too much.
-For those God has called, and for those who answer the call (you have
to answer the phone when it rings if you want to talk to someone, by
the way), hope, love and faith are restored to a ruined man (and woman)
-Life for the believer is full of hope and a joy that cannot be
expressed with human words or understanding because it's not earthly
-Life for the unbeliever is full of hopelessness, depression,
frustration, sin, darkness, and eventual destruction (God can't back
out of His promises)

+++The End+++
-the body dies and rots (there are a few ways this can happen as
you've noticed)
-the spirit goes to heaven (or hell)
-the end.


Like a prescription to get healthy requires the sacrifice of your
money, the prescription for salvation requires your life.

Yes.  I said it requires your life.  All of it.

If the above diagnosis of today's date is in good order and acceptable
to you, do contact me and I will lead you to the Living Water so that
you also might drink.

When you are ready to lay that life down and pick up the one God made
for you, let me know.

I don't joke around with this stuff.  There is no easy way.



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