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Un-social Media your Blog Comments, Man.

You may notice in my post that you are reading now, that you can post your comments below.  It doesn’t matter who you are, you can try. I don’t actually expect anyone to post (this isn’t the 90’s anymore), and I still have the choice of approving it or not, but I don’t restrict you.

There is nothing more frustrating to me than when I find a very cool blog post like this one, for example, and when you go to write your comment, the only options to do so are through the major social media slave servers.  In this case, I noticed this guy didn’t get any comments at all yet so I was going to write “This is dope man.  It’s awesome enough that you have self-photographed yourself, it is double awesome that all the shots are of you gaming, but the cherry on the top is that you transformed such an entirely sad set of photos into cubist art.”

But his blog theme wouldn’t let me.
Sorry Maliktke16.  We could have been good blog friends. Change your theme and free my people.

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