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10 Myths About Electrical Consumption at Home

I have recently started monitoring our home’s electrical consumption on a very granular level.  When we went away for a week and came back, I realized that our house was, just by existing, using an average of 4 KWH per day.  That’s actually a lot although I’ve not come up with a good analogy.  So, I started thinking about whether I should have shut off our hot water tank or unplugged the appliances, etc.  I ended up on this page which has 10 really good items including my own.  Hope it’s useful to you as well.


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3 thoughts on “10 Myths About Electrical Consumption at Home

    1. HAHA. I’m in a strata unit and the only visible outside plugs are either insanely visible or impossible to reach. That said, I’m sure this is happening and is highly lucrative for those who get away with it long term.

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