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Conspiracy Catch-All Blog Post

I am into conspiracy theories.  I don’t find many that I don’t buy into and they all seem to make sense to me, especially when explained against biblical prophecies.

The problem is that sometimes I lost track of all the conspiracies I follow!  No more.  Announcing Wayne Out There’s Conspiracy Catch-All Blog Post.  Feel free to add yours in the comments and I’ll update the list as we go along.

I’m sure there are better example videos than what I chose but it’s a start

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5 thoughts on “Conspiracy Catch-All Blog Post

  1. This is funny. I’m totally into these theories too. In fact, I have a few of my own. Government telling you what makes a balanced breakfast?


  2. Many of these can be thought of in these terms:
    One group’s conspiracy is another (usually much smaller) group’s business model. Business models are often dependent upon externalizing costs (i.e. pushing the consequences out) to another area outside the model and as far away from the beneficiaries as possible. When thought of this way, many conspiracies make sense, at least financially, and from the viewpoint of a sociopath.

    1. I’m not 100% sure I’m following you. I think I understand you to mean: If I create a conspiracy I can create profit for myself? For example, if I were a train or charter bus company and I created the ‘chem trails’ conspiracy I would drive more business from airplanes back to trains and buses? I think this is not what you meant. Please expliquez and s’il vous plait.

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