Month: March 2014

What to Say and What Not to Say

Over the last few years it has been interesting to learn just how little we all know about law, and more specifically, freedom of speech.  2013 and 2014, if I could summarize, would be for me ‘The Legal Years’.  My circumstances forced me to get out of the boat, shun my fear of law and lawyers and start to learn some of this stuff for myself.

One of the most interesting topics is the fear of being sued for slander versus the boldness to say what you feel living in a free country. Just so we are all on the same page, here is a scenario to ponder:

Corporation X is doing business in a way that is borderline criminal (except you don’t know what constitutes the word ‘criminal’ since you aren’t a lawyer…you just know it’s ‘very wrong’).  They use contracts and expensive lawyers to oppress and dominate innocent and sorely unprepared victims.  You are just one of many victims under their regime.  Finally, they go too far.  Inside of you the ‘enough is enough’ voice cries out for justice followed by the ‘it’s time to expose this dung’ shout.  You look up the local media and get ready to dial.  You call up your friends and family to let them know you will be the one to save the victims and shut down the killing machine.  Then, your friend says to you “Won’t they sue you for going to the media?”  Your heart sinks.  You don’t know.  You don’t have the answers.  You’ve heard stories of ‘libel’ and ‘slander’ and you know they have a much bigger bank account than you do to fund their cold, cruel lawyers’ single malt Scotch addiction.

Sound familiar?

In short, there is no simple answer but I’d like to present the following questions to ask yourself which may generate answers that may influence your direction:

  • Do you have anything left to lose financially?
  • Is this an issue of finances or principles? For example, if these people offered you a nice payout, would you sign an agreement to close your mouth about everything and not sue them in the future or do your principles supersede this?
  • Is this an issue rooted in the desire for personal vengeance or or the desire to expose wickedness to protect others?
  • Do you plan to sue these people?

Of course you should work with your lawyer to decide the answers to the above questions and the appropriate action.  Your lawyer will likely not want you opening your yap at all but here are some guidelines I have learned over the years and would like to summarize for you:

  1. Stick to the truth – the cold hard facts.
  2. Don’t blow things out of proportion.
  3. Only talk about things you know about from first hand experience,  not what third parties have told you or heresay
  4. If asked questions tell the truth but don’t volunteer information unnecessarily – don’t go out of your way to cause trouble for the other party and make it look like you are trying to hurt them
  5. Everything you say can be used against you in court of law (sounds like that line the police say in American movies when they are getting arrested).  So be careful,  especially with the press.

There are two potential dangers:

  1. You can be sued for slander if you say untrue things that are published and that hurt the company/individual’s reputation.
  2. Anything you say can be used against you in a lawsuit.

Lastly,  court documents such as the notice of civil claim are public documents.   There is no problem with repeating what is said in them,  just keep in mind that the notice of civil claim contains allegations,  not proven facts.

Last words of advice,  be careful but don’t be afraid to tell the truth and to tell your story of  injustice.

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Kakao Talk Privacy Problems

I was always too busy to try to research why something about Kakao Talk bothered me.  The first time I put it on my mobile device I was mesmerized by the way it, without any involvement of my own, loaded a contact list of people I knew who were using it, or not.  I was mesmerized until I thought about where that data came from and then realized it came from my own phone’s contact list.

So this thing raided my contact list and grabbed data without me ok’ing it…  people I had called just once from my phone are now my Kakao friends…

Then I watched pretty much every Korean I knew show up on this.  Then a few folks from Iran, then pretty much right across the board.

Then I saw photos being shared and the app taking over as the main hub of the phone.  When they introduced a kind fof VOIP peer-to-peer calling it was game over.  Kakao *was* their phone.

Within short notice I deleted the app.  I don’t recall if I closed the account..

Today a Korean student of mine pointed out that she thought she was ‘ok’ in terms of privacy because she doesn’t really use Facebook.  I asked if she used Kakao Talk.  She said ‘yes’.  I said ‘There you go.  You are in danger.” She was shocked. The problem is that I didn’t have anything concrete to tell her.  So I decided to do some research for her.  Here is what I found to start with and your comments would be great to hear.  Perhaps some stories of privacy issues.

This story should just about sum it up.  When the police came knocking, Kakao Talk quickly handed over what they asked for.

Here is a quote from their privacy policy that should concern you [my comments in these bracket things:

KAKAO will collect the following information to make our services better.

When you sign up for the Services or in the course of your use of the Services, KAKAO will collect your telephone number, contact information saved on your smartphone [I read this as *ALL CONTACT DATA*] or other device [other devices, like computers or wherever else you have installed this tentacled animal] (telephone numbers and names of third parties) [I read ‘third parties’ as ALL YOUR FRIENDS and FAMILY IN YOUR PHONE] , device-specific information, operation system and hardware information including the OS version, CPU and LAN card information, legal guardian information (if you are under 14 years of age), your status information [whatever you type in your status updates they know *AND USE*], name, birth date, ID [ID??????  WTF??], photos (including meta-information) [meta information includes *WHERE YOU ARE* by the way, if you didn’t know], service usage history, email address, location information [they already got that from your photos], IP address [this shows where you are as well] and cookies through the official website of KAKAO, individual applications or programs. KAKAO will also collect shipping information (including the name, mobile phone number and address) [Oh. Now they just take your mailing address.  Don’t worry. They already got it pretty close from the other data they took from you above] to ship your purchases [That’s a nice cover]. In addition to the above information [wait! We haven’t taken enough yet! We want MORE!], KAKAO may collect your credit card information [Why not? The CEO needs a bottle of wine with lunch], carrier information, gift certificate number or other information required for payment processing when you use paid services. Given the nature of the Services, the personal information we collect may differ depending on the application or program. Before you get started with an application or program, KAKAO will inform you of the personal information we collect to which you must consent in order to use the Service [that, sucker, was the little checkbox you clicked before you were allowed to start using it].

If that wasn’t enough, they also have special agreements with a bunch of other companies that they share your information with.  That means, that you will also have to study each of these companies to see how they are using your photos and information.  Good luck. You may need a few hundred years to do that.  Whenever you use their ‘services’ [what does that mean?] you agree to let them send all your data to:

We provide the following personal information to third parties to handle customer enquiries:

Parties to be provided with your personal information

  • Gifticon: SK Planet
  • Giftishow: KT mhows
  • GiftTing: Wincube Marketing
  • Cootoo: CJ E&M

It doesn’t get any better from there.

My recommendation would be to rid yourself of this app and it’s agreements ASAP.

One day your data will hurt you.



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10 Myths About Electrical Consumption at Home

I have recently started monitoring our home’s electrical consumption on a very granular level.  When we went away for a week and came back, I realized that our house was, just by existing, using an average of 4 KWH per day.  That’s actually a lot although I’ve not come up with a good analogy.  So, I started thinking about whether I should have shut off our hot water tank or unplugged the appliances, etc.  I ended up on this page which has 10 really good items including my own.  Hope it’s useful to you as well.


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Conspiracy Catch-All Blog Post

I am into conspiracy theories.  I don’t find many that I don’t buy into and they all seem to make sense to me, especially when explained against biblical prophecies.

The problem is that sometimes I lost track of all the conspiracies I follow!  No more.  Announcing Wayne Out There’s Conspiracy Catch-All Blog Post.  Feel free to add yours in the comments and I’ll update the list as we go along.

I’m sure there are better example videos than what I chose but it’s a start

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Guinea Pig Catch-All Blog Post

So you want to get a guinea pig or just got one?  Why search the world wide webs when I’ve already done it?  Please find for your benefit the most useful links I found so far.  Hope this is useful for you and please add more to the comments if you find more.

Pre-Purchase Research

  • Overview video on YouTube: easy way to get a quick idea if you are into guinea pigs
  • Costs of Ownership of Guinea Pigs by SPCA: We are not in the best financial shape now so the cost of ownership was important to us.  This page helped us make sure that this cute furball wasn’t going to end up the focus of our anger as a result of increased financial burden.  It also made me realize that the chance of me ever owning a dog is pretty much zero! Take a look at the cost of owning these other animals!
  • Wiki-how page. Contains lots of pre-purchase and post-purchase info. Very easy to read with quality graphics
  • Can’t go wrong with the BC SPCA. They’ve dealt with a few animals in their day…

Post Purchase



Guinea Pig Entertainment on You Tube


Things I’ve Learned about Guinea Pigs that seem to be worth sharing

  • It took Pikabu almost exactly one week to get comfortable enough to be held without biting (strong nibbling).
  • After 10 days he still prefers to hide out in his ‘hiding box’ of his cage for hours and hours.  Yet he also seems to like being held.
  • He poos a lot and usually several solid loaves at a time
  • He seems to be somewhat ‘potty trained’ and, like a cat, seems to poo only in certain designated areas (corners). This is a cool thing I didn’t know and obviously quite helpful for ‘spot cleaning’
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The Meaning of the Name Wayne

I have been packing this cheesy little postcard thing around with me my whole life because it has always astounded me at how well it describes me.  If it weren’t for this 1970’s dollar store cheap print, I would have probably legally changed my name back to “Daniel” – a name my parents were apparently about to give me before the Lord God Almighty instructed them to name me “Wayne”…

Hopefully other Waynes will benefit from this and feel better about their name. We are who we are, Waynes.  We don’t wax while we Wayne.




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Water and Bottles

I felt that there was enough interesting, controversial, educational and even spiritual information surrounding water that it warranted the time of my day.

The purpose of this blog post is to create a ‘go to’ place for interesting information about water.  I look forward to everyone’s replies with links to other interesting water information.

Here is my first batch of links:

Formula Four: Scientists behind this technology (ASO) have managed to add (in fact almost ‘glue’) extra molecules to the water.  It claims to not lose it’s oxygen count until absorbed by the body. A very, very interesting project.  Someone I know fed this to their flower and tap water to another and the results were quite surprising to say the least. Can be nearly boiled, frozen and have a spoon put in and oxygen remains almost untouched.

Sports Drinks versus Water episode/article on CBC: I’m not sure where the video link went for this but it was very, very interesting and disturbing the results they found.  Water came out a serious winner.  Anyone in sports needs to watch this.

Water conspiracy by Jesse Ventura:  Very interesting.  Names some big players like Nestle and has some compelling reasons to be concerned. That said, I think it’s still better to drink water than sports drinks!  See article above

Water has memory? Scientific, spacy, and very interesting.  There seem to be many videos on You Tube on this topic and I may have not chosen the best one.  Please offer others.

Reverse osmosis and distilled water discussion: quite educational about water in general and also about how our drinking water is negatively messed with by our ‘authorities’

-Suicidal fish? Fish on prozac?  What’s in our drinking water?

-Now it’s your turn!  I know there is information out there about how drinking reverse osmosis takes away minerals you need, about conspiracies of governments putting wacky stuff in our water to control and even kill us off, etc, etc!  Let’s see what you can add to this dialogue.


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