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Water and Bottles

I felt that there was enough interesting, controversial, educational and even spiritual information surrounding water that it warranted the time of my day.

The purpose of this blog post is to create a ‘go to’ place for interesting information about water.  I look forward to everyone’s replies with links to other interesting water information.

Here is my first batch of links:

Formula Four: Scientists behind this technology (ASO) have managed to add (in fact almost ‘glue’) extra molecules to the water.  It claims to not lose it’s oxygen count until absorbed by the body. A very, very interesting project.  Someone I know fed this to their flower and tap water to another and the results were quite surprising to say the least. Can be nearly boiled, frozen and have a spoon put in and oxygen remains almost untouched.

Sports Drinks versus Water episode/article on CBC: I’m not sure where the video link went for this but it was very, very interesting and disturbing the results they found.  Water came out a serious winner.  Anyone in sports needs to watch this.

Water conspiracy by Jesse Ventura:  Very interesting.  Names some big players like Nestle and has some compelling reasons to be concerned. That said, I think it’s still better to drink water than sports drinks!  See article above

Water has memory? Scientific, spacy, and very interesting.  There seem to be many videos on You Tube on this topic and I may have not chosen the best one.  Please offer others.

Reverse osmosis and distilled water discussion: quite educational about water in general and also about how our drinking water is negatively messed with by our ‘authorities’

-Suicidal fish? Fish on prozac?  What’s in our drinking water?

-Now it’s your turn!  I know there is information out there about how drinking reverse osmosis takes away minerals you need, about conspiracies of governments putting wacky stuff in our water to control and even kill us off, etc, etc!  Let’s see what you can add to this dialogue.


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  1. Negative Ion Hydrogen – very interesting article about special rejuvenating qualities in drinking water of certain areas of the world, where people are claimed to live up to 150 years. I’m more into their drinking water than buying a product to replicate it, but I don’t see myself travelling to the north of Pakistan anytime soon. I also like how it is attributed to glaciers:) Here’s the link:

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