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Overcoming the ‘spirit of christmas’ with the Spirit of Christ: Part 4 in a Series: To Pull Your Child from School or Not

Well, Christmas 2015 is now behind us.  Before it gets too far behind us, let’s keep this series going so that we are better prepared next year instead of the annual tradition of scrambling trying to figure out what position to take at the end of November or early December. Here is a quick link list to the previous parts…

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Super Fast Summary of Christianity and the Human Condition

I wrote this to a friend and I think it’s a fine synopsis of the spiritual condition and so I wanted to share it with the world wide webs: ——————————————– While you are waiting for Dr. Wayne’s spiritual advice, please note that the advice is always the same. Here it is in point form because you like point form: +++The…

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The Tithe Challenge

The ‘tithe’ has a lot of significance to me these days. When I first gave my life to Jesus the first major challenge I had was the concept of the tithe because my worldly teachers had always taught me to ‘save and invest in my own empire’.  Wikipedia defines the tithe as 10% contribution to a religious organization or compulsory…

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