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How to beat the Docu-sign “Document Contains No Data” annoyance

The Story

*Someone sent me a Docu-sign document to sign

  • I signed it
  • I got the email back with the PDF
  • I Saved the PDF to my ubuntu machine
  • I tried to open the PDF I just saved, but got the message “The Document contains no pages” message. Couldn’t open.

Note: This only happens with docu-sign and not other great systems like Sign Request so Docu-sign must think they are pretty special and secure – so secure you can’t open the PDF…

The Solution

To get it back in a usable format so I can actually open and read what I signed was this:

  1. Drag and drop the PDF onto a Firefox browser tab (probably works in any browser, though)
  2. Using the printer icon (not the download / save icon) pretend to print the document from your Firefox browser
  3. Choose “save as PDF” as your printer
  4. Go back to where you just ‘printed’ it and make sure it’s good

That’s it. Hope it helps!

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