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How to Install Owncloud on Ubuntu 14.04 Server

I heard owncloud is awesome but I just couldn’t force myself to get it installed on my home server project until another situation lead me back to it – the need for a self-owned calendar instead of one that relies on some other cloud service.  I didn’t want my daily schedule on someone’s server to view.  After trying may supposedly simple solutions to synch a calendar to all my devices, oddly I was brought back to owncloud.  Not only did it solve my calendar situation (so far) but it seems like I have pretty much just removed the need for Pogoplug as well.  I wasn’t comfortable with pogoplug because I had to log in through their website…

Anyways, to make this long story shorter, after searching and trying this and that, this tutorial turned out to be the best and most simple tutorial for installing owncloud successfully on an Ubuntu 14.04 server.  Enjoy!

Tutorial for installing Owncloud on Ubuntu Server 14.04

I should note that there was a small issue, if i recall correctly in the commands in the tutorial above and it was ultimately resolved in this even more simple tutorial.  If yours doesn’t install perfectly following above, revert immediately to this one and it should be great.  Maybe even start with this one, ha

owncloud install package page

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