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How to Flash OpenWRT on a DIR-615 C1 Router

Before I explain the ‘how to’ part, please allow me to explain everything I tried to do first in case some of these key words save someone else the pain: -I tried everything I could find on the well meaning but horrendous pages of OpenWRT.  Specifically this one for this router located here. -I tried the ‘upload via recovery mode…

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When does Libre Office Calc decide to overflow text into adjacent cells, or cut them at the boundary?

You are trying to do a spreadsheet and keep it tighter but the vertical  column boundary cuts the text off.  And you want to stop it.  It’s easy.  Check it out.. 1. Annoying red arrow cut-offs! 2. Highlight cell or row and then right click on it, and ‘format cells’ 3. Click that check box ‘wrap text automatically’ 4. Yay!…

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Clean up Ubuntu with Ubuntu Tweak

I was trying to do an update in Ubuntu and got a message that said I didn’t have enough free space on disk /boot.  I started messing with command line stuff but thankfully I found Ubuntu Tweak which did it all in a few safe-feeling clicks. Why Ubuntu-Tweak is not in the Ubuntu Software Center is a mystery that I…

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