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How to Change Default Contact List View in SuiteCRM in Account View

I love suitecrm. Freedom coding built by the community, super useful, and awesome for business.

I’m going to start logging some stuff here that will maybe save some other people time, too.

In this case, I realized today that I’m logging into my accounts page, scrolling down to ‘contacts’ and seeing absolutely nothing useful except an email address.  The default stuff doesn’t seem very good so I’m changing to:

  • name, office line, mobile, position/title, and email

That’s way more useful.  Surprisingly, it was very hard for me to figure out how to do this and I had to actually look at the code.  Good news is that it’s *crazy* easy once you  know where to find stuff.  Here we go:

  1. go to admin
  2. go to studio
  3. go to accounts module
  4. go to subpanels
  5. go to contacts
  6. drag and drop what you don’t want out and drag in what you want and in the order you want it
  7. click ‘save and deploy’


Hope that helps!

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