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Facebook, Apple and Big Brother Peep in your Bedroom at Night

“Facebook, Apple and Big Brother Peep in your Bedroom at Night” Does that title sound creepy?  Good.  It should. And now, it’s real.  I mean literally real.  Not a movie, but real. The kind of real like when you have a severe gas pain that renders you immobile.  That kind of real. The ever-spying, ever-invasive Facebook with their nasty little…

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Where Have All the Heroes Gone?

A friend forwarded me this most interesting article on the clearly increasing participation in street protests in the UK and around the world.  Old ‘Anonymous’ is rising up and increasing it would appear. It reminded me of ‘occupy Vancouver’ way back in 2011. And it reminded me of other things from my youth that I joined in to protest. Most…

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Diaspora – Social Media that Actually Excites Me

Originally posted at at Sun, 10/02/2011 – 21:09 Finally. After what seems like years, I got my invite to sign up at Diaspora. The coolest thing to me is that you probably don’t even know what it is yet. Don’t worry – people like me will spread the news quick. In a few words, it’s a dumbed down version…

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