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How to Change Default Contact List View in SuiteCRM in Account View

I love suitecrm. Freedom coding built by the community, super useful, and awesome for business.

I’m going to start logging some stuff here that will maybe save some other people time, too.

In this case, I realized today that I’m logging into my accounts page, scrolling down to ‘contacts’ and seeing absolutely nothing useful except an email address.  The default stuff doesn’t seem very good so I’m changing to:

  • name, office line, mobile, position/title, and email

That’s way more useful.  Surprisingly, it was very hard for me to figure out how to do this and I had to actually look at the code.  Good news is that it’s *crazy* easy once you  know where to find stuff.  Here we go:

  1. go to admin
  2. go to studio
  3. go to accounts module
  4. go to subpanels
  5. go to contacts
  6. drag and drop what you don’t want out and drag in what you want and in the order you want it
  7. click ‘save and deploy’


Hope that helps!

Technology Tutorial Ubuntu

How to Flash Cyanogen Mod on Nexus 4 Using Ubuntu

If you ended up on my first tutorial showing how to get ‘android back’ I did post that too hastily and forgot that Cyanogen mod is a much, much safer version of android because it doesn’t connect to the mothership of Google.  If you have been running Ubuntu on the Nexus 4 and been challenged and need a temporary solution while some bugs are worked out at ubuntu, this is a safer option while you buy some time.  I hope this is helpful resource so that busy and broke people can stick with Ubuntu during times of code tribulation.

This tutorial assumes you already have adb set up on your Ubuntu desktop/laptop.

This tutorial assumes you have Ubuntu on your laptop/desktop.  If not, good luck.  You’re on your own, sorry…

NOTE: Cyanogen mod does not come with a google play store.

  1. get recovery image from here:  (note if you want more info you can go here:
  2. download cyanogen mod for nexus 4 here:
  3. plug in phone with usb
  4. navigate with terminal to place where you downloaded that twrp.img thing above
  5. type fastboot flash recovery and start typing name of big twrp file and hit ‘tab’ to auto-fill it
  6. press enter
  7. when done, should say ‘finished’ in terminal
  8. test to see if it worked by using your volume up/down button until you come to ‘recovery mode’ on your fastboot screen. should get some ‘team messages’
  9. swipe to allow modifications to partitions (not sure if you should but I did for speed)
  10. push the cyanogen mod install .zip file onto sd card by entering this in terminal: adb push /sdcard/ where ‘filename’ is the name of the cyanogen mod install thing you downloaded in step #2 above. You can again use the tab button to auto-fill your filename after you start typing.  My command looked like this as reference: adb push /sdcard/ – this takes a bit of time and will show you how much moved and how long it took when complete. Don’t interrupt it until it’s complete.
  11. Within the TEAM thing again select ‘wipe’ and ‘factory reset’.  Of course don’t do this if you haven’t backed up pictures of the wife and kids…
  12. Super root your phone if it’s not done already…. skip this if you have
  13. ‘install’
  14. select storage (in this case it’s internal storage since the dumb thing didn’t come with SD card)
  15. you’ll see your cyanogen mod file sitting there that you moved over from step #10 above.  go ahead. touch it.
  16. swipe the blue arrows to ‘swipe to confirm flash” if everything goes well you will see stuffs happening and your phone will be heading towards a slightly less evil version of Android.  the phone will turn off, then turn on again, and you’ll have blue arrows to swipe again to unlock.
  17. Unlock it.
  18. Reboot system. Phone will turn off again (I sound like a broken record!).  Cool looking blue robot thing will show up.

I hope this helps a few Ubuntu fans keep their Nexus 4 alive for days with less bugs if you are in desperate need of the phone for business or otherwise during the pioneer days.  We are very close to no longer needing Cyanogen and other versions and because Ubuntu will soon converge into desktop, laptop and tablet, there really is no need to explore other OS.

That said, I’m very thankful for Cyanogen mod and the folks who built it and it was very good while google reigned in terror and thanks for this tutorial upon which I based mine:

Faith and Religion Freedom and Privacy

Proof of God’s Presence: Transformation

Perhaps one of the things that has grieved me the most over the years is a reality I have seen in the Body of Christ – something of which both myself and my wife were guilty as charged.  This something seems to be everywhere now that I ask around and now that I’m actively looking.  The reason it is so common, in my opinion, is because almost everyone is guilty.   So what is this crime?

Not being transformed

And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what [is] that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God. (Rom 12:2 KJV)

How is it that someone can be part of a fellowship where the Word of God is being taught and then leave exactly the same?

How is it that one can be living in sin, as I was, show up to meetings week after week and not experience *either* conviction or freedom?

How is it that one can stand in the presence of Almighty God and not change?

The answer is: They cannot.

And if you are not changing, it means you are not standing in the presence of Almighty God and you should be gravely concerned about your relationship with Him.  If you are playing ‘the church game’ with yourself, like the Pharisees were, it’s time to wake up and smell the spiritual coffee and do a little test on yourself.  Here is a test I perform on myself regularly now, and I hope it will be of value to you as well:

  • Is God’s will truly most important in your life, or are there ‘other things’ that tend to rule?
  • Do you truly want to know Him, the person of God, or do you want to know about him?  Karl Marx said that religion was the opiate of the masses and he was right, by the way. Are you opiating?
  • Do you love the Word of God, or do you find it a drag to read, and like a ‘boring book’?
  • Does sin bother you to your very core, or do you accept it as ‘the way it is’ like the rest of the world?
  • Do you feel more hungry to know God more, or do you feel satisfied with your current relationship with God?
  • Do you have sin in your mind and life? Pornography, sexual deviancy, alcohol and drug addictions, hatred, jealousy, un-thankfulness, un-forgiveness, and the like?
  • Do you feel trapped in some kind of slavery and unable to break free?
  • Are you being transformed or are you staying the same?

I know these are hard questions and they don’t feel good to ask, but let’s be serious.  Jesus said that you can’t have two masters.  I agree and say that you can’t play for two teams, either.

All throughout the Bible wherever God’s presence was, transformation of the most exciting kind took place.  In the Old Testament you saw this with the physical location of the temple and the ark of the covenant.  In the New Testament, everywhere Jesus went amazing healings took place and unbreakable chains were broken.  In the book of Acts and onwards, you see clearly the very hearts of men transformed from God haters to God lovers.  Transformation and change is a key theme and proof of God’s existence in individual lives and even nations.

But don’t stress out.  You also can’t get right before God by doing a bunch of religious gymnastics or increase the frequency of the few righteous things you do.  The Pharisees also did their ‘good works’ but they were destined for the fire of hell.

There is nothing you can do.

You are hopeless on your own.

But thanks be to God for the amazing transforming power of Jesus.

The day you truly repent and turn from your disturbing ways and allow Jesus to rule your very temporary life, is the first day of the rest of your life.  On this day, true transformation will begin and the checklist above will soon be a joy to check because you’ll be shocked at how the power of God can change a person’s heart at the very core.

I pray that today be the first day of your transformation.

Faith Faith and Religion

How and Why to Start a Church

I decided to blog parts of an email I just sent to my wife.  When I email my wife, by the way, the idea is that she can take time to digest what’s going on inside of me and it allows me time to compose my thoughts instead of blurting them in her face with my nasty style.  Without further adieu, here are my thoughts at this interesting juncture:


Here are my thoughts:

1. God’s word is the truth. If there are any questions at all, the Bible is the final judge and decision maker – not us, not a man, not a church, not a movie, etc.

2. We, as a family, should be seeking ‘good theology’. There is nothing stopping us from studying the same theology (and more) than the stuff the pastors study in theology school. In fact, the Bible commands it. We should be hungering meat, not milk. The leaders even more.

3. Our motive should *not* be to ‘invent the newest and best church’: this is not about us. It’s about God. This is God’s bride, and we should not be doing this for any other reason than for his glory. Any other reason is selfish and we should just sit in the pews of our own churches now if that’s our reason. Here is a great little blog I found on this topic:

4. Our motive *should* be:
-for God’s glory
-to know God more
-for our marriage to be restored and built on the rock
-for our children to be restored and built on the rock
-to find out who we really are (in Christ)
-to express our love towards God
-to experience the richness of this thing called ‘the body of Christ’
-to reach the lost
-to feed the poor
-to clothe the cold
-did I miss any?

5. We should not be hungering after ‘plans and programs’.
While cleaning up the equipment with Pastor, it was quite interesting. He never said anything like “Wow, I’m excited that God is doing something so big inside of you!” or “Can you help me understand what God is doing in you?” In fact, he didn’t mention at all the topic of our plan to ‘move on’. Finally during the silence I said “So, I guess you might be wondering about our decision to stop attending?” At that point, his only comment, even though we sent a long letter with our heartfelt position was this “I didn’t see any plan in your letter which concerns me.” I wanted to say “Didn’t you read the part about ‘wanting to know Jesus more’ and ‘wanted to develop relationships deeper’, etc? Is that not a plan? So, what I learned at that moment is that the ‘plan’ means nothing more than “going to a regular weekly meeting at a set location with a set group of believers with a set understanding about the Bible.” I have no problem with set meetings but if those rigid things start to put God into a ‘box’ I can’t do it anymore. I continually think about the Pharisees. They did all the plans perfectly! They did long prayers, perfectly honoured the sabbath, washed their hands, didn’t eat with gentiles, etc, etc. But they also crucified Jesus. Jesus called them in Revelation ‘the synagogue of Satan’. I see how dangerous this ‘addiction to plans’ can be. They start to replace true righteousness with ‘religious righteousness’. They start to replace ‘faith’ with ‘works’. And it’s incredibly dangerous. Instantly I translated his comment about ‘plan’ and gave him the answer he wanted to hear as follows: “We have not been church shopping if you are wondering.” But, he seems to think that we would be ‘safer’ if we were in the lifeboat of a Sunday church program, than starting an adventure on our own. But this led me to think about the early church. There was no ‘program’ for them to plug into. They WERE the church. Wherever they went, there was the church. And growth was also occurring. Anyway, this is a long topic, but the point is that we *cannot* let a program make us feel righteous, but we also should not let a ‘set meeting’ make us feel bad. Showing up to work every monday morning at 9am is a good thing. Rising at 5am with an alarm clock to read the Bible is a good thing. Habits are good. In summary: whatever we do cannot be based on works but must be based on HIM – and if no fruit is growing on the tree – we cut it down and start again.

6. We should base everything we do on a Godly order of priorities. This is my understanding of the order:

1. individual <–> God
2. man <–> wife
3. parents <–> children
4. family <–> family of God (church)
5. church <–> lost

So, if the marriage isn’t good (#2) then items 3, 4, and 5 will suffer. How do we fix the marriage and grow the marriage? by focusing first on #1 – our individual relationship (s) with God. From there, we will be motivated to love our spouse and build our marriage into a glorious thing. Don’t forget that the marriage is a mysterious representation of the Body of Christ (Bride of Christ). God is very interested in our marriage. Another example would be that until we are solid as the family of God (#4) then we should not be focused primarily on reaching out to the lost. I ‘might’ be wrong here, but these are my first gut feelings on the matter.

And, so, to answer Pastor’s very precise question with a precise answer, I believe that our ‘plan’ for the first meeting is to discuss the ‘plan’ above! haha

Let me know what you think, and if you agree, you could share this with the other couple’s and this will form our first discussion topic.

Remember: This last move of God will *not* have a face or a name, and no credit will go to man. God Himself will get all the glory.