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Audible for Ubuntu: Epic Fail

Trying to listen to an audio book from on your Ubuntu machine?  Spare yourself the pain, and just ask to cancel and get your money back.  They have no plans to help you.  I hope I can one day edit this post with some good news, but until they they are in bed with proprietary operating systems of the world.  All you need to do is read this live-chat transcript I just had with them and the picture should be very clear:

Audible Your

Message From Customer Service


Here’s a copy of the chat transcript you requested:

Initial Question: Technical support
I’m trying to listen to my book on my Ubuntu machine. Please tell me how to do it. Thanks

04:39 AM PDT Rose(Audible): Hello Wayne, thank you for contacting Audible. My name is Rose. I’ll be happy to help you today.
Is it running Windows?
04:40 AM PDT Wayne : I’ll repeat, it’s an Ubuntu machine.
04:40 AM PDT Rose(Audible): Let me check.
04:40 AM PDT Wayne : Thanks. Much appreciated.
04:41 AM PDT Wayne : I followed the instructions: Listen on computer, click download button under ‘listen’ and it downloaded a .aa file which does not launch an audio player.
04:42 AM PDT Rose(Audible): Just to make sure, is it Linux operating system?
04:43 AM PDT Wayne : based on the fact that you are asking me this question, I will giev you a short answer: yes
04:44 AM PDT Wayne : (it’s the fastest growing OS in the world so I’m quite surprised that you asked)
04:45 AM PDT Rose(Audible): Linux-based operating system is not supported by Audible.
04:45 AM PDT Wayne : What are audible’s plans to help me?
04:46 AM PDT Rose(Audible): Do you any other listening devices?
04:46 AM PDT Wayne : Do you have a release date planned or any work planned?
No. I use just Ubuntu. I don’t have money for other players
04:46 AM PDT Rose(Audible): To see the list of compatible devices, please click here
04:46 AM PDT Wayne : or another computer. I can’t afford to buy an operating system just to listen to the book I just bought from you.
Can you send me the file as an mp3?
or .wav?
04:47 AM PDT Wayne : Or why can’t I live stream it?
04:47 AM PDT Rose(Audible): Our files cannot be converted into MP3 or any other formats. The measures taken by are required to protect both the intellectual property rights of our Content Providers, as well as the authors.
04:47 AM PDT Wayne : That was a nice copy/paste. I understand.
So how can I listen?
04:47 AM PDT Rose(Audible): Do you have a mobile phone? Like Smartphones?
04:47 AM PDT Wayne : It’s running ubuntu.  Do you support Ubunto Mobile?
04:48 AM PDT Wayne :
04:50 AM PDT Rose(Audible): Do you have Play Store or Market?
04:50 AM PDT Wayne : I want to share something else while you are checking that. I do not recall reading anywhere that you did not support Ubuntu. Nor do I recall reading what you do support (ie. Windows/Apple only). Before someone like me gives you money I deserve to know that I will be facing this kind of problem.
04:51 AM PDT Wayne : No. I will repeat. I cannot afford to buy a smartphone to listen to my simple audio book.  I thought I would be logging into the website and listening.
04:52 AM PDT Rose(Audible): I’m pertaining to the Ubuntu mobile.
At this time, we are working with the open-source developers of Linux to see if we can make our file format compatible with their operating system. If that happens, we do expect to expand our support to Linux computers in the future. We would love to make our content available to Linux users as soon as possible, as we often hear from Linux fans regarding Audible playback.
04:53 AM PDT Wayne : This was a copy/paste again. It was the same one I found online from 2013. This is a disappointing conversation, Rose.
So, let me keep it simple: Unless you buy me an operating system that you support I cannot listen to my file. Will you credit all my fees for the last two months (I didn’t have time to listen) and cancel my subscription please?
Immediately, please.
Or buy me a smartphone or new computer.
04:54 AM PDT Wayne : You can keep your credits until you finish your promise of making it available on linux.
04:54 AM PDT Rose(Audible): I am sorry to hear that you are looking to cease your Audible membership. No
Although I am sad to complete this request for you, I can definitely help you with your concern.
04:54 AM PDT Wayne : Thanks.
04:55 AM PDT Rose(Audible): With that being said, I have gone ahead and cancelled your Gold Monthly Membership which will ensure that you receive no charges from us. You will also receive an additional confirmation email regarding this cancellation.
$29.90 will be going back on your account within 2-3 business days.
04:56 AM PDT Wayne : You are amazing.
Great work, Rose, and I hope i can be your customer very, very soon.
Can you please put me on a list of people who want to give you money?
I am ready to give audible money when I can listen on my Ubuntu machine.
You can see that I have money to give you. I already gave it to you.
04:58 AM PDT Rose(Audible): Thank you for contacting us with your concern about downloading books on your Ubuntu machine. We appreciate your feedback on making it available on Linux OS in the future. I’ll be sure to pass it along to the department in charge.
04:58 AM PDT Wayne : Thank you so much for making the cancellation and credit fast and easy.
This was smart and good.
04:58 AM PDT Rose(Audible): Sure my pleasure. Is there anything else?
04:58 AM PDT Wayne : That’s it. I just want your books. 🙂
04:59 AM PDT Rose(Audible): That’s great to hear then. No worries, I’ll pass it along.
Thank you for contacting Audible! We look forward to seeing you again soon. Please click the end chat link to close this session. Have a great day!
04:59 AM PDT Wayne : Thanks. See you.

Thank you.

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