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This blog was great and ultimately gave me enough info to get this done, however, it wasn’t for a rookie in MYSQL since the whole part about ‘deleting rows’ assumes you know how to delete a row.

It looks like I also wrote a cpanel version of the same need a few years back.

Also I elected to turn off my AOD schedulers in the Admin area in “Schedulers” and make them ‘inactive’ until this terminal work was done. You might choose to do the same to reduce risk of a cron job starting while you are running the indexing commands?

So, follow this blog, but here are some details about how to delete the rows:

  1. log into MySql with your db username you created when you installed SuiteCRM.
    TIP: if you forgot this, you can gain access to it by editing the config.php file in the root directory and searching for the db username and password that way

log in like this: mysql -u yourusername -p

  1. Once logged in, might as well show your tables: SHOW tables; – this will confirm you are in the right database too and you should see all the suitecrm tables showing up and then you can just scroll up and make sure you can see both aod_index and aod_indexevent. All good? Continue
  2. to delete all rows from aod_index you will do:

DELETE FROM aod_index;

Mine showed this output:
DELETE FROM aod_index;
Query OK, 1 row affected (0.003 sec)

Next, do the same to aod_indexevent:

DELETE FROM aod_indexevent;

Mine showed:

DELETE FROM aod_indexevent;
Query OK, 13323 rows affected (0.311 sec)

Now exit MySQL: exit

Now you have deleted all the rows from the tables associated.

Another thing not mentioned at the end is a reminder to go back in and delete the ‘index.backup’ or ‘INDEX.BACKUP’ (or whatever you named it). You will do this after you confirm everthing is back up and running and a new plain file called “INDEX” is back in the mv modules/AOD_Index/Index/Index modules/AOD_Index/Index/ directory

I didn’t see any of these files re-create which is weird and makes me wonder if this blog above is still up to dateā€¦

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