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How to deal with the Akaunting default COA account setting error

After setting up my second Akaunting instance (great work, Akaunting team!) I realized again that there is a confusing setup step related to the Chart of Accounts “Double Entry” module. Of course if you are running a ‘real’ business you’ll absolutely have to buy this module, but after you set up your COA for your business, you’ll probably try to disable a few default accounts that come wtih the module and be greeted with the following error:

“Warning: You are not allowed to disable double-entry::accounts.825 because it has settings related”

You can try disabling it any way you want and you won’t succeed. Eventually you might start having feelings of anger.

Good news! I figured out what’s wrong by trial and error. I was planning to tell the Akaunting team to make this better documented in the warning message but so far I’ve forgotten.

What’s wrong is quite simple: In the settings the Double Entry module has ‘fixed’ the following accounts to certain functions of the module:

1200 – Accounts Receivable
200 – Accouts Payable
400 – Sales
628 – General Expenses
825 – Sales Discount
475 – Purchase Discount
300 – Owners Contribution

Very likely the module will break if there is not something associated with each of these functionalities.

All you need to do, if you want to disable them, is first associate your own custom COA to these.

How you do that is:

  1. Go to ‘Settings’ on the left pane
  2. Go to “Double Entry’

Immediately you will be greeted with all the above accounts. As long as you have already created a replacement COA account, you will be able to select it from the dropdown for each. In my case, I changed the default 200 account to my own 2100 Accounts Payable. I changed the default 400 Sales account to my own 4020 Sales account. And so on and so on.

Once complete, I hit ‘save’

After settings are confirmed, you should now be able to go to, for example:

  1. Left pane “Double Entry”
  2. Chart of Accounts (expanded menu)
  3. 200 Accounts payable

Now click the ‘enabled’ button to ‘no’ and, if everything was done as per above, you should now be able to disable the account without the dreaded:

“Warning: You are not allowed to disable double-entry::accounts.825 because it has settings related”

I hope some or all of this helps one or more of you!

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