Why the Past Stays in the Past

Once in a while… just once in a while, I get a forwarded email that I read all the way through.  98% of the time this happens it’s because it’s funny.  The other 2% are probably educational to some level.

This one was so emotion-stirring that I felt I needed to actually give it an online shout-out.  Since no one actually reads my crap, it’s really a shout-out to myself and my close buddies, but whatever.

If you had a working memory between the years 1980-1989 brace yourself.  This is going to be an emotional roller coaster.  At some points I almost peed myself laughing.  At other moments I felt heartfelt sympathy.  On yet other occasions I had to truly question the hope of our world making it another 20 years.  And, at just one moment, I had the thought, ‘This isn’t *that* bad.”

Get ready.  Brace yourself.

Now… click it!

Now regret it.

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