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The End of Geek

A friend of mine sent out an email to people he knew and respected about how he was invited to speak at a well known event with the word ‘geek’ in the title.  It was apparently an honour.  The reply-all response to the email by a gentleman whom I respect greatly caught me off guard and really got me thinking – something hard to do at 3am before my first coffee.

He sent a link to this article and suggested that one ought not be proud of the word geek nor allow it to be attached to us as people.  I was most intrigued so I did what few do and clicked the link and was most pleasantly surprised. I hope that you will do the same.  Allow me to present you another hyperlink to the article essentially doubling the chances of you reading the article.

I agree with the author.  Here is a list of things that I’m absolutely interested in that might be considered ‘geeky’ by those people who line up for mobile phones with fruit logos on them:

  • ham/amateur radio
  • VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol)
  • Privacy and Security
  • Programming (even though I can’t even do it)
  • DIY projects like when I recently built an HD antenna for my TV
  • …and there are probably many more….

Don’t call me a geek.  You have no idea how cool these things are because you simply aren’t into them.  I personally don’t understand gamers.  I can’t see dedicating any part of my life to playing video games.  I can more easily relate to board games but even those… yet there are actual cafes dedicated to them!  And I always drive by those places where you can get all those medieval board games and clothes…  I simply don’t share the same interests – yet.  Whose to say that I won’t one day get into board games or gaming?

So don’t call me a geek and stop calling yourself one.

I’m a ham radio enthusiast.

I’m into ham radio.

I’m part of the ham radio community.


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