Month: June 2014

Awesome Coffee Interview: Get Coffee Educated

I have already watched this twice.  For me, watching something *once* is rare.

If you like coffee, if you are interested in learning interesting things about coffee, then this is the 1 hour video to watch.  The cool thing is that it has a detailed breakdown of the topics covered so you can skip through to what you like.

My favourite was the part about kids drinking coffee.  Really.  Who says kids can’t drink coffee? We just think this.   These guys say ‘go for it’ and in Brazil it seems to be encouraged to get higher test scores.



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Why the Past Stays in the Past

Once in a while… just once in a while, I get a forwarded email that I read all the way through.  98% of the time this happens it’s because it’s funny.  The other 2% are probably educational to some level.

This one was so emotion-stirring that I felt I needed to actually give it an online shout-out.  Since no one actually reads my crap, it’s really a shout-out to myself and my close buddies, but whatever.

If you had a working memory between the years 1980-1989 brace yourself.  This is going to be an emotional roller coaster.  At some points I almost peed myself laughing.  At other moments I felt heartfelt sympathy.  On yet other occasions I had to truly question the hope of our world making it another 20 years.  And, at just one moment, I had the thought, ‘This isn’t *that* bad.”

Get ready.  Brace yourself.

Now… click it!

Now regret it.

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Realtors Who Use Gmail are In Breach of Their Fiduciary Duty to Clients

It’s time to call a spade a spade.

The Real Estate Council of BC talks about the responsibility of real estate agents here.  Scanning down the page there is a section dedicated to ‘fiduciary duty’.  This term sound big but it’s pretty simple.  Lawyers have it, too.  They have to look out for the best interests of their clients and treat them in a certain way or they are in breach of that fiduciary duty.  For a better definition, and an interesting historical quick read, check out the wiki page on the topic .

On the RECBC page, there is one subsections of the Fiduciary section that need to be looked at asap. That is, specifically: ‘Not misuse confidential information’ (#16).

Many people have a blase view on personal privacy and protection of their information.  That’s fine.  It’s your right to strip naked and change in front of your window with the curtain open at night, but don’t blame anyone when creepsters are hanging around with binoculars.  In the same way, go ahead and use Facebook, Google (ie. Gmail), and Linkedin for your personal life and don’t blame anyone when your entire life is hacked or strangely creepy advertisements for dandruff control or marriage counseling start showing up on digital advertising screens when you step in elevators around town.  That’s your choice.

But it’s *not* your choice if you are a real estate agent.  If you expose your client’s info (like mine) to a third party, I can take your house-flipping hindquarters to court for violation of fiduciary duty and I have good reason to believe I would make a strong case and win and claim some damages.

“I would never do such a thing to my client.” Says Ms. Realtor.

I’m sitting at my desk right now looking at a Realtor’s calendar.  A nice man he was.  He did a good enough job.  Right there on the calendar is his email address “”.

Violation!  All of his clients should go after him including myself.
But how did he violate the fiduciary relationship, you ask?

By using gmail to do business emails.

Shocked at my statement?  Don’t be.  Read this.

So if you work in a profession where you are under fiduciary law, you better abandon these email servers and any other piece of technology that syncs back to the info-scanning motherships of the world or you may be in a world of legal hurt in the next few years.


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Typoglycemia and Speed Reading

Today I was thinking about the mind and how typos can be easily read and understood by people of the same mother tongue.  I finally found the example by searching the keywords ‘ESL, typos, understand, native,”.  Here is a good summary of what’s up with typoglycemia

What jumped out at me was the explanation of why ‘they’ think it happens. They say it’s because if you don’t change the first or last letter of the word it doesn’t affect the readability.  Weird.  Hmm. So then I started thinking about a post I just happened to write last month about speed reading

It seems as though these two work side by side and that reading isn’t really understanding your abc’s and how those individual abc’s work together to form a word, but more so the *memorization* of the general shape and form of those words as a unique ‘picture’ if you will.

I was also meandering in my mind about how this might also help understand why captchas are sometimes brutally hard for humans at times but nearly impossible for robots…

Anyways, what I’m thinking is that the eyes recognize words more as a ‘picture’ in much the same way that you can recognize people you know by quickly scanning through a group picture of hundreds or thousands of people.

Do you know your abc’s?

Maybe it doesn’t matter as much after all….


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Apple: Always the Ubuntu Wannabe

Today after reading an article about how the fruit company plans to introduce continuity as an innovation, I just chuckled to myself.

Again, the fruit folks are sitting there watching all the innovation going on in Ubuntu and scrambling to try to take the ideas, recode them on their own locked down proprietary systems, and implement them for profit.

As a quick review of the article, it is accurate in portraying the nasty price one will have pay in order to get to enjoy the bars of their fruity electronic jail cell, but they ended on a big *inaccurate* note with this line: Continuity is great and there is nothing like it anywhere else.

Error #1: There is nothing like it at all.  FruitLoops Inc doesn’t have it yet.  They are announcing it.

Error #2: Ubuntu has been presenting continuity as key for *years* so there *is* something like it somewhere else and it’s much better because it’s free and safe.

But these errors shouldn’t surprise anyone.

  • Ubuntu had the Software Centre before Itunes (same concept without the bondage)
  • Ubuntu One was running long before anyone heard of icloud (free on Ubuntu, currently discontinued by Canonical)
  • Desktop switching and fancy effects?  Always an option on Ubuntu
  • Ubuntu Edge project launch attempt defined continuity and lead innovation

It is obvious that the ‘innovators’ over at Fresh Produce Ltd, sit there staring at what the creative people are doing all over the world in the Ubuntu project and then bring it to their bosses as ‘innovations’ who then announce it to the world with lots of marketing money (that they took from the end user) who, in their ignorance, hand it over because they didn’t know there was a better way to live – much like North Koreans who praise Kim Jong Eun and his ‘leadership’.

But, before I get too harsh I need to own my own stuff as well.

Have I contributed to the Ubuntu project to make it better?  Not enough.

Have I been spreading the good news of Ubuntu to captives locked in Fruitdom instead of watching them and feeling sorry for them?  Definitely not enough.

Thankfully these kind of misleading articles rekindle my belief in the people of and the project of Ubuntu and where it is going and I’m just so glad I know that there is a better way to live.


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