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The Ubuntu AudioCast – Where Did It Go???


What a shame.

Chucky, Bucky and Philbare seem to have taken an long hiatus from pumping out the latest about Ubuntu.

These guys were different because they weren’t just talking tech.  They were talking life.

Ubuntu is not just technology.  It relates to a whole bunch more stuff that’s very critical for our future.  Randall Ross did a great short article about the 7 Pillars of Ubuntu.  You can read that one again here as I’ve quoted it several times in the past.

The Ubuntu Audiocast hits all the pillars and works hard to make it funny.

There may be a few drinks involved during the production but you wouldn’t know it…??

Check it out.

Go listen to the archives.

Bookmark the page.

RSS the feed (not sure how, ha!)

It’s probably just a matter of time until they show up again with fresh content.

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The Sigh Cast with Billy Bob Sighrus and Sighmon Butterfield


It’s time to share a little secret.

I know the guys from Sigh World who do this audio cast called the SighCast.

This most recent episode Billy Bob and Sighmon discuss how life is like smoking a good ol’ quality pipe.  For example, what do adultery and pipe smoking have in common?  Listen to find out!