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For How Long Will Translink Remain a Shame?

The trigger for this quick post is this amazingly well built website to stop the provincial “translink tax’ to cover the cost of ‘stuff’ to ‘reduce traffic’.  Seriously check out this site and power through right to the bottom. Kind of makes your gut hurt but it’s great:

>>Website about Translink Tax<<

After reading it and voting ‘no’, it made me think about how long Translink has sucked.  I was born and raised in this town and I’m allowed to speak now seeing that more than half of my head is grey.

I mean… everyone who has been here more than a couple of years knows Translink wastes money.

Everyone knows Translink’s leaders get paid too much.

Everyone knows our Translink’s systems are under par considering the above expenses.

So, what really needs to happen ASAP, if we want to have a great public transportation system (FYI I am in full support of this) and not go bankrupt doing it, is the total annihilation of Translink as we know it, and start it from scratch.

I’m talking about a full gutting.

I’m talking about a serious, serious audit of every dollar spent (you would crap your drawers if you saw the details of the Compass card program, btw)

And I’m talking about full, 100% disclosure to and dialogue with (in plain street /ESL level English) us – the lowly public.

Then we’d be a city to talk about.

Can I get an “amen” someone?



Yeah! That’s what I’m talkin’ bout!

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3 thoughts on “For How Long Will Translink Remain a Shame?

  1. Amen to that brother!

    I will get you going about the Compass Card:

    This plebiscite is a disaster. As a supporter of the BC Liberals I am appalled that they have shifted responsibility for the tax to the people. Are they not the ones elected to make these decisions? I guess it looks better to sit back and say “You voted for it…”

    This is not a one solution, take it or leave it discussion. If the vote is a resounding “no” does anyone really believe alternate solutions won’t be proposed? I think everyone can agree that a better transportation system is required but the question being put to voters is not the solution.

  2. One more piece of news for all you voters on the other side of the Fraser River.

    I believe in road taxes and so to does Translink. If you read into the overall plan there is still a proposal to toll a new Fraser River crossing even if the Tranlink Tax is passed. So not only will everyone be paying an additional 0.5 percent on everything they buy but they will also pay a toll on any new bridge built.

    Keep the dollars flowing…

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