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View Your Mind: How to turn Xlink on

First of all, thanks a million to the creators of View Your Mind mind mapping software.  It’s a great piece of useful free license software!

Everything was going very well while I was using it.  I especially found useful the xlink (xlinks?) feature.  This feature will allow you to connect a visual reference from one branch to any other branch on the screen.  In my case I was trying to track the last 10 years of my life visually and all the interesting connections and overlaps of people in my life but I needed the xlink feature to do so.

I figured out that if you hold the shift key and click your mouse over a branch that the xlink started working just as the documentation, but I accidentally switched modes and couldn’t get it on again.  Unfortunately, p 33 of the documentation wasn’t helpful at all to me.  Finally, I figured out how to turn it back on so I wanted to throw it out there for anyone else who might have struggled.

First, add the ‘link mode’ to your toolbar


Next, find it on your toolbar and make sure this one is selected


Next, start working by clicking ‘shift’ on your keyboard when you click your



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Cardboard Electronics by NewFoldr Most Exciting thing in Hardware for a While

Check this out.  Just so cool.  The hipsters should be all over this,  I’m thinking.  I like the idea of being able to add your own creativity to something electronic.  This is the missing ingredient for our generation.  We need to go back to the days when there was a ‘radio shack’ and dad and kid worked together on something instead of just consuming and tossing.  Nice and nice.  And it seems like there is open source licensing here, perhaps, albeit I haven’t researched the deets: