Target Canada (Target Brands Inc) is Totally off the Mark


It’s pretty rare that something happens in the corporate world that is so pathetic that it blows my mind, however, Target Canada (Target Brands Inc) has done it.

My friend Paul told me that he was unable to view the products that Target sells on their website. I refused to believe him and didn’t even bother checking.  Finally, he forwarded this email communication with them and in disbelief I verified it, and found that it’s true:

>>You can’t browse their products online.<<

Sorry?  Come again? You can’t browse a major big box retail shop’s offerings online?

That’s right! It’s like the dark ages over there.

Here is the dialogue which is equally funny to read:


Here is my response to Target…

If I was a shareholder I would be less than pleased to find out they had no Internet presence in Canada. The endless excuses for why their sales have been dismal start to fall away pretty quickly!


——– Forwarded Message ——–

Subject: Re: Online Shipping [ ref:_00Di0bdoy._500i0HqRJ5:ref ]

Date: Wed, 24 Dec 2014 08:44:34 -0800

From: Paul


Hi Jessica,

While Target focuses on opening stores I will unfortunately not be one of your “guests”. For a store that has been plagued by supply chain issues and empty shelves it is unreasonable to expect anyone to go to a Target location in search of a specific item. Come on; it is 2014 and Target already has a working system in place in the US…


On 14-12-24 08:12 AM, Target Guest Relations wrote:

*Dear Target Guest ,*
Thanks for contacting Target about being able to view and purchase merchandise online at
Target is committed to bringing our guests the services and products that meet your lifestyle.
At this time, we are concentrating on opening our stores across Canada.  Specific timing for online services such as viewing products and shipping to Canada is yet to be determined.
We appreciate the time you’ve taken to let us know how we can make your Target experience even better.
** Jessica Target
Guest Relations
Unreal – except that it’s real….