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The Sigh Cast with Billy Bob Sighrus and Sighmon Butterfield


It’s time to share a little secret.

I know the guys from Sigh World who do this audio cast called the SighCast.

This most recent episode Billy Bob and Sighmon discuss how life is like smoking a good ol’ quality pipe.  For example, what do adultery and pipe smoking have in common?  Listen to find out!




Ubuntu – How do you Pronounce the Word Ubuntu- Part 2

You may have read my first article called ‘How Do You Pronounce the Word Ubuntu?’   It got no shortage of fame and created such a controversy out there that I had to fend off the Paparazzi with my bare hands and sleek ninja style.

I like to tell myself that anyways.

What matters is that the subject is still relevant and important.  I was excited to read Disposable Joe’s post over at SighWorld because he takes this topic to the nth degree and ties it in with all the other important components of the Ubuntu project.

With Ubuntu becoming quickly a household name, Joe points out in a very humourous and educational way, why its important that we also pronounce the word correctly.

I hope you enjoy his article and here is the link.