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What is Ubuntu: Quick, Technical Summary

Today a friend got mad at me.  He barely can even call me his friend it seems! He is upset at my lack of key understanding, and so he should be.  It is kind of funny that we allow things to control our lives and not even understand the very basic stuff about how they work.  It would be like driving your car and not understanding that there is an engine under the hood of the car that needs gas to burn and the burning gas moves the car…

So I guess he got frustrated today because he took the time to educate me.  In fact, the sharp rebuke educational email course was so good that I decided to blog it out there as the best ever snapshot of what Ubuntu is, on a technical level.

Before reading this, though, also understand that Ubuntu is much more than software and you should read about that before thinking it’s just the technical stuff below.

Without further adieu, the *best ever* Ubuntu technical course I’ve ever taken summarized in a few bullet points!

  • Linux is a kernel.
  • BSD is also a kernel.
  • An OS needs a kernel to “talk” to hardware.
  • Ubuntu is an OS.
  • Therefore, Ubuntu needs a kernel.
  • Ubuntu now has two kernels that can be used: BSD or Linux.
  • Some people think Ubuntu = Linux.
  • The people above are wrong.
  • Computer science courses are useful.
  • A trip to KFC contributes to heart disease.
  • Wayne! What the heck is wrong with you???? (I edited this so kid’s could read it)
  • Read this!
Business Freedom and Privacy Technology Tutorial

Why Setup and How to Setup PGP Encryption on Your Email


If you don’t have encryption on at least your email, you might as well send the information on a postcard for the world to see.  If you don’t like the idea of the content of your email being put onto a postcard then you need to set up PGP as today’s best solution.  Is it amazingly easy?  No.  Like anything it takes a little time to get started.  Is it worth it?  How do you feel when you wear a seat belt in a car versus when you don’t?  PGP is a seat belt for your privacy and I love the feeling of knowing that even if I accidentally send the email to the wrong person, only my intended PGP-enabled recipient can read it, not the whole world.  All lawyers, real estate agents, doctors, and such professions should honour their duty of privacy by using it immediately, or at least strongly recommending it to their clients/recipients.  But don’t wait for them to do the right thing when you can start right now for free.

Video how PGP works

Good video showing how PGP encryption works to secure your email data

Tutorial about how to set up your computer:

For more detailed information and original set up tutorial, click original source

Tutorial for desktop (Ubuntu comes with Thunderbird by default):

Tutorial for Webmail

Mobile PGP Solutions

Coming soon!