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How to Formally and Politey Kill Your LinkedIn Account

Concerned about your privacy and security?  Looked up ‘privacy violations LinkedIn’ in a search engine and not feeling so good?  Maybe it’s time to delete your account, but you want to make sure that at least your contacts can reach you elsewhere.  Here is a step by step about how to say bye-bye in the most courteous way.

Compose your Farewell Message

Here is what I wrote if you’d like to model it.  You could even copy and paste it and change the contact info.  If you don’t like it at all, just skip down a few steps and type your message fresh within LinkedIn.


Hello everyone,

After hearing some stories around me and doing my own research (including but not limited to the keywords ‘Linkedin Privacy Violation”) I have decided to delete my Linkedin Account.

I was pretty selective when connecting to people here so I wanted to make sure that I could remain in contact with you by email post-deletion.

So, if you don’t mind taking a minute to send me a quick email to so that we can remain in contact, that would be greatly appreciated.  Otherwise, it’s highly likely that I don’t have any other way of reaching you.

Should LinkedIn have a few years without these kind of issues, I may consider re-joining.

Until then I will be on *Diaspora (safe, secure, private, portable, controllable social network) and my username is ‘wayneoutthere’ if you’d like to connect.

Thanks for your understanding and thanks also for your email.



Send your farewell message.

  1. Copy your message to clipboard memory
  2. Log into LinkedIn
  3. Go to ‘Network’ where you will see all your contacts
  4. Click the ‘select all’ checkbox
  5. Click ‘message’ icon
  6. Paste your message in (or type it fresh)
  7. Send it.

Delete your LinkedIn account

  1. make sure you are logged in
  2. click the icon of your face in the top right
  3. click privacy & settings
  4. log in (again)(kind of verify)
  5. Click ‘account’ (shield icon) on the lower left
  6. Click ‘close account’ from list
  7. Give a reason why you are leaving (or don’t) and click ‘continue’
  8. Take a look, confirm stuff, click ‘verify account’Read what you are about to lose, laugh about it (has it really helped you?), then click close account
  9. Wait 72 hours and make sure there are no trailings of you on major search engines.
  10. Enjoy one further step of privacy and security