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Bangus Spanish Style

I’m trying to grow up.  Really, I am.  The problem is that I keep running into things that make my inner 12 year old laugh.  Thanks to a Spanish company, I’ve immatured again.

This blog is only really funny if you are Korean or if you have studied Korean a bit.  It also may qualify as funny if you are into linguistics.  If you find bodily humour or toilet humour funny, this also may be acceptable to you.

In Korean, the word for fart is ‘bangoo’ or ‘bangu’ – the great part is that I don’t know how to Romanize it.  Here is the straight Hangul for you if that helps you:


So, let’s see the different kinds of bangus this company produces:

As you can see from our featured image and the gorgeous lady, you can get Gourmet Bangus.  You can tell by looking at this striking lady that she knows Gourmet Bangus and won’t settle for less.

There are also the Spanish Style Bangus.




Don’t forget the Bangus that come straight from the Belly!




But without a doubt, this one made my inner 12-year-old crying and gasping for air from laughter.  I’ve since recovered.  I hope your inner Korean 12 year old will laugh as well.




So, forget ‘Oppa Gangnam Style’.  This is “Bangu Spanish Style!”